"LOCK 8" which uses smartphone as a key for bicycle lock is equipped with GPS · vibration sensor to handle theft

Not only in Japan, theft is a big problem for riding bicycles anywhere in the world. In order to avoid stolen bicycles that are important means of transportation and partner, there are many people who wear keys or wear locks using wire, but using smartphones as the key, with strong security and Products equipped with a notification function via the network are "LOCK 8"is.

LOCK 8 - the World's First Smart Bike Lock by LOCK 8 - Kickstarter

The concept and details of LOCK 8 called "the world's first smart lock" is from the following movie.

It is said that over 60% of people who have bicycles have the theft experience.

Many people use wire locks and chain locks for theft prevention, but many of them are large and heavy, with only simple mechanisms.

LOCK 8 is a smart lock that incorporates various sensors such as GPS and vibration sensors and alarms, and BLE (power saving Bluetooth) and wireless communication.

LOCK 8 has electric circuit and lock mechanism inside polycarbonate main body.

Locking is possible by inserting a wire in two lock holes of the main body.

When stopping the bicycle in town, first insert a wire in LOCK 8 ......

Operate the smartphone connected with BLE and send instructions to lock to LOCK 8.

Lock is now complete. Even when no wire is set, the function of LOCK 8 will be ON and the security function will be activated.

A bicycle thief came. Will LOCK 8 protect my bicycle?

When detecting an abnormality such as vibration, LOCK 8 sounds an alarm sound with a large sound volume of maximum 120 decibels, and it repels a thief.

And also to the owner who is away from ... ...

Send an alert email to notify you that you are in danger.

You can rush right away and reduce the risk of being stolen.

It also supports means to try to burn out wires with gas burners and others.

"Lock part" and "smart wire" with built-in temperature sensor detects abnormality.

Also, you can share alerts by registering up to 5 people as members.

Let the friend's bicycle know that the danger is approaching and reduce the risk of theft.

Also, with this member function, you can lend and borrow bicycles among friends. When setting the share ... ...

You will receive an email saying "You can share a bicycle" on the other's screen.

A woman who received an e - mail can use his smartphone to unlock a friend and ride a bicycle.

This is the parts configuration of LOCK 8. In a strong case, an electronic board and metal locking mechanism are built in.

Design that seems not to be broken by a little or soft force.

The smart wire and the main body are locked with the mechanism like this.

Pinch the bicycle frame with the parts on the underside of the main body to fix. It seems that it can be installed in more than 90% of bicycles on the market. In addition, to prevent scratches on the frame, paste the rubber sheet on the mount part.

LOCK 8 can be used from the moment you get it. In the case of using basic functions only with the main body such as lock mechanism and alarm, no special setting is necessary, but if you use a function that needs to be connected to the network, such as notification e-mail or share function, register And about 2 dollars (about 200 yen) monthly system usage fee will be generated.

This LOCK 8 is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. About 50,000 pounds (about 8 million yen) of the target amount, at the time of writing the article reached about 47,000 pounds (about 7.5 million yen) and it reached a breath. When we invested 89 pounds (about 14,000 yen) which becomes the standard model, we can get LOCK 8 and a normal specification smart cable, and with a plan of 99 pounds (about 16,000 yen), we changed the package changed to a long type of smart cable It is possible to get.

As a bicycle lock using a smartphone, we also wanted to invest in Kickstarter hereBitLockThere is a U character lock type product called. The difference from LOCK 8 is whether or not there is a network connection, and not equipped with the current position notification using GPS and the theft notification mail function. Nonetheless, this is part of the personal preference and needs, so it may be interesting in the sense that there are choices of products.

The closing deadline for smart lock "LOCK 8" is until 7:59 am on December 3 (Tuesday).

LOCK 8 - the World's First Smart Bike Lock by LOCK 8 - Kickstarter

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