What are the five habits that successful people got up early and were doing before 8 am?

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Early rising is a common point seen in CEOs, corporate executives, government officials and other influential people who are active in the world. For example, it became the first female prime minister in the UKMargaret ThatcherIt is said that he got up at 5 am every morning and made a plan for the day, and an American architect called the three greatest masters of modern architectureFrank Lloyd WrightMr. Robert Eiger, CEO of Walt Disney, will also get up early in the morning at 4:00 am, at 4 am. So why did the great men of the world get up early in the morning and do what in the world?

5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM - Forbes

◆ 1: Exercise


It is said that most people exercising on a daily basis exercise in the morning. The exercise that you do before work, such as yoga / gym or jogging, is a source of vitality and achievement of the day. Also, if you do muscle abduction 200 times in the morning, you can be more encouraged to work on desk than if you did not do so, and these morning exercises seem to be effective for prevention of napping during work.

People who say "I do not want to think jogging in the morning!" Can get up early for only 15 minutes, just do pushups, stretch, etc. OK. It is no doubt that those exercises will raise your body and help start the day.

◆ 2: Plan a day today

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The way to maximize your potential is to make plans for the day and clarify the goals and what to do. Since it is the quietest time of the day in the morning, it is ideal for planning the day. If you have a task to do with priority, you can also do it early in the morning, so the work of the day will be faster. Also, even if all the tasks to be done in the schedule are stuffed up, by getting up early, it will be possible to assign a longer continuous time to the task.

In addition, when setting up a schedule of the day it is also necessary to set time for peace of mind for yourself. After a stressful conference, you have time to rest and meditate for about 10 minutes at your desk. In order to work harder the next day, it is important to have a meal time firmly.

◆ 3: Healthy breakfast

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In the morning, when I can not afford time, I hurry to leave the house with my stomach empty, and when I arrive at my work, is there anything I'm thinking "Will not it be late afternoon ...?" This is obviously a bad habit.

In the morning prepare time a little and need to replenish enough nutrition to prepare for the work to await. Taking breakfast is not only a healthy behavior for your body but also the best timing to connect with your family. By spending time with breakfast with your child or spouse in just a few hours you will gain vitality on that day.


◆ 4: Imagine

BySarah Wampler

Even if you do not particularly care about it, the word "health" is overflowing in the world, but the mental health aspect tends to be overlooked. As a mental health good act, there is a thing to organize or imagine the mind and spend time.

Imagine the schedule of the day and imagine to make them succeed. This work that comes into my mind is OK in just about 1 minute, positive thinking makes my mind positive and I also have a prospect of a day's work. The optimum time to do this act of thinking is a quiet morning time zone.

◆ 5: Bring the heaviest task at the beginning of the day

ByScott Maxworthy

Everyone does not want to do in To Do List but has heavy task to do. This is how long we are going to stretch around the clock and we will keep on stressed all the time until we do that task. An easy way to deal with this stress is to treat tasks you do not want to do at the very beginning of the day.

In the morning (in general) it is the most restful and dynamic time zone, so it's perfect for tackling more difficult problems. And it is ok to think that the work of the day will gradually become easier as the task is done. Then it will be relaxed by the time you finish work and you will be able to take free time as well.

Suddenly trying to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning will not make it easy for him to get up, but it is also an ant choice to get up early by 15 to 30 minutes and make a stretch and a day's schedule.


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