It turns out that telomere is shorter than usual when depressed, indicating the possibility that the speed of aging may become faster

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DepressedCauseYaProphylaxisAlthough various discussions are being exchanged,Free University of Amsterdam'S research team focused on the evils caused by depression and published the results of the ongoing investigations. According to the announcement, depression patients may be aged at a faster speed than healthy people.

Access: Major depressive disorder and accelerated cellular aging: results from a large psychiatric cohort study: Molecular Psychiatry

Depressed people may age faster, study suggests - NBC

The research team of Amsterdam Free University is targeting 1,900 depressed patients from 18 to 65 years old, 500 people in healthy body, located at the end of the chromosomeTelomereWe investigated the length of cellular tissue. Telomere is usually used as an indicator to measure cell aging since it becomes shorter as each cell divides as age.

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The length of telomere isBase pairAccording to the survey results, the telomere length of depression patients is 5460 bp on average, 5540 bp on average for healthy people, and telomere of depressed patients is a healthy person It turned out to be shorter than those of. Dr. Josine Verhoeven, who also led the survey, said that the length of telomeres is related to the severity of symptoms of depression and the duration of onset, "Dr. Josine Verhoeven said," Cells of depressed patients aged faster than usual There is a possibility that there is. "

By accelerating the aging speed of the cells, the risk of developing diseases associated with aging such as dementia and type 2 diabetes is also likely to increase.

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In addition, although "relevance" and "length of telomere" have been found from this survey, although relevance was found, other factors such as vulnerability of genes may be involved, so both sides There is no perfect causal relationship between them, "Dr Verhoeven concludes.

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