Twelve minds necessary to send "life to stay in mind" to overcome the stress society

Modern people live in a stress society, and no one can lead a life without trouble. The style necessary for enriching life in such a stress society is "a way of life to keep in mind". What is the way of life to keep in mind, what kind of thing is important for that purpose?

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Leo Babauta, an administrator of one of the world's top 25 blogs by TIME magazine, spent 18 years as a journalist and has six children, immigrating from San Francisco to Guam and making Simple Life We are trying to send smoking habits, participate in marathons and triathlons with running habits, go to bed early early hours, convert to vegetarianism, lose weight, abandon car life, blog all processes As a result, I conclude that it is "to live in mind" with the style necessary for living my life more abundantly, and I summarize the 12 ways necessary for that.

◆ 01: to meditate

ByMoyan Brenn

Meditation is the starting point of life to keep in mind and is not complicated. Every single day is enough, just sit still, give your consciousness to your body first, then turn your attention to breathing. If you notice that consciousness has left your breath, then at that time it is OK to return your consciousness to breathing slowly, and it is important to repeat until the end of the time. Since the administrative blog name is "Zen Habits" in the first place, "meditation" of "Zen" seems to be top priority. Apple's founder Steve Jobs was also devoted to Zen, learning Zen enthusiastically with Hirofumi Chino, who was trying to get out, was stopped autobiography "Steve JobsIt seems that some kind of effect can be expected from what is written in.

◆ 02: "Wake up"

ByEddi van W.

This meditation is preparation for "waking up" which is the next step. A state of being "awake" to feel immersed in the online world, to look back on past disgusting events, to stop feeling stressful in the future and feel the real world. "Waking up" should be done all day long as long as you remember that.

◆ 03: Overcoming impulses

ByHelga Weber

According to Leo, what you learned most when you quit smoking is that you can overcome the impulses that want something. I want to check mails, want to do SNS, want to eat sweets, want to drink alcohol, want to watch TV, go up and calm down and crank up. There is no need to act according to the impulse, not to go on and off the urge to come and go.

◆ 04: let go of "ideal"


We all have ideals. There are various ideals such as respecting each other kindly, respecting each other, making good results in the exam, doing well at important meetings, never hurting. Of course, experience shows that ideals usually do not become a reality, but I am suffering from the difference between ideal and reality, causing stress, fear, and mourning. People will be released by letting go of the ideal.

◆ 05: accept as it is

BySeverin St. Martin

Mr. Leo realized that he could enjoy the time with him when he stopped trying to change others as he thought and accepted that person as it was. This leads to everything, not limited to people. Please accept colleagues, children, spouses as well as bad circumstances, fun things and noise. Peace stops when you stop fighting them and accept as it is.

◆ 06: let go of "expectation"


"Letting go of expectation" is the same idea as 04 "let go of ideal", 05 "accept as it is" but it seems that Leo felt very useful. It may be important to feel expectations for the upcoming situation, but if you do not realize it will lead to stress and disappointment. We are causing pain and ourselves are released from pain by letting go of expectations that cause pain.

◆ 07: Discomfort is also OK

ByNeys fadzil

The fear of modern people's discomfort is too much. We avoid choosing something unknown or unpleasant and living by picking things that are familiar and pleasant. However, you should also practice to accept unpleasant things. By doing so, the area that feels more comfortable will expand.

◆ 08: Review resistance feeling


There is a feeling of resistance when challenging unpleasant things or giving up something you like. When you can not concentrate due to noise, the problem is not noise, it may be resistance to noise. If you look back on the resistance feeling, there are many things that will disappear naturally, not a big deal.

◆ 09: I am curious

ByDavid Tomic

There are many things that go wrong with things, but instead of thinking you should have curiosity trying to find good hands. To do that, first throw out what you know from the head, let's cherish the vigorous curiosity of "Let's try it" and "Find it out". Fear of failure should be set aside and you should know that it is OK even if you do not know.

◆ 10: Thankfulness


We complain about everything. But life is a miracle. Please find something that can appreciate everything. If you feel appreciated, you will realize that life is surprisingly wonderful.

◆ 11: I give up control


We often try to control the situation. And I feel that I can control the situation occasionally, but it is only a hallucination. Life is hard to control. Even if you feel that you can control well, things will not go as you wish as soon as you like and you will experience setbacks. It is important to give up giving control and learning to let it flow.

◆ 12: Become sympathetic

ByKristin Brenemen

It may sound comical, but sympathy for others can change your view of the world. And sympathy for yourself can change your life. Because sympathy is easy to forget, it is important to remember.

Even though I keep in mind these minds of 12, I will forget them unintentionally. However, Leo thinks that is good. Forget it, OK, remember if you notice the fact that you forgot, remember that many times you remember, remembering and remembering to repeat that it is important to repeat. In other words, the process of remembering this important thing is to practice "life to stay in mind" that overcomes stress.

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