Notes written for entrepreneurs such as Facebook / Twitter / Evernote "Startup Notes"

When I start a business for the first time, there seems to be a lot of things I do not understand, I get clogged with ideas, and I can not move forward. "Startup Notes"Is a book that summarizes" one word advice "and" memo "that founder of Facebook, Twitter, Evernote wrote for entrepreneurs, when it becomes uneasy at the time of entrepreneurship and reads when it gets stuck in the idea , It is supposed to be a content that seems to get a good stimulus.

2013 Startup School

◆ 1:Phil Levin(Evernote CEO)

The first company is a consulting company, the second company is an encryption company, and Evernote is the third company.

"Let's make favorite things!"

Foster co-founders early on

I do not make friends who can not start a business together

It does not specialize in structuring. Become creative with the goods.

Daily work is not fun. Monthly work is fun.

Do not set an exit strategy. To make something that you do not want to sell.

Make it for yourself.

◆ 2: Dan Siroker (Optimizely CEO)

I spend a lot of time on the person who first purchased the product.

Before writing the code, the product was sold.

A / B test is obstacle to requiring a developer.

It is difficult to prioritize as long as you do not know the market.

To ask good questions is more important than advising.

Strict feedback loops. But now we have 140 customers, we have 10 languages ​​and 5000 users.

Entrepreneurs write algorithms.

◆ 3:Ron Conway(SV Angel CEO)

At first we invest in people.

40% of companies SV Angel invests are going bankrupt. The founder who repeats it many times until it works is a shadow hero.

MetricsDo not complain about.

Look for investors who value.

Social applications change the way of communication.

To act quickly. The condition provision is the same as forcing the duties.

It is important to concentrate on the product.

Become a decision-minded person.

Even co-founder, quickly hire, quickly dismissed.

To know what is missing.

Design is more important than code.

◆ 4: Chris Dixon (AIGZ)

A wonderful idea sometimes seems to be bad at first sight. The one that meets the two conditions is the best idea.

Let's know secret no one knows.

It was clear like the water of the bottle.

Use his own experience.

Separate functions.

The powerful person dismisses as if to deal with a toy.

Is it to challenge social norms?

◆ 5:Diane Greene(VMware Investor)

I had a big vision.

Do not fix it in the office!

To give people value and to find people who will give direction.

The deadline is useful for everything.

What matters is to make life easier for people.

◆ 6: Chase Adam (Watsi Advisor)

Nonprofit group eat it.

To do good, well.

Win trust.

The worst part of non-profit organizations is "Do not say no No"

Golden rule.

Nobody benefits from having zero users, income, and financing.

I find more important things than myself.

Smaller the world = better the world

◆ 07:Jack Dorsy(Founder of Twitter)

As a word to send to entrepreneur Jack Dorsey quotes a passage from your favorite book.

"The Art Sprit" (Author: Robert Henri), "I am not here to do what I've done already, do not worry about being refused"

From "The Score Takes Care of It self" (Author: Bill Walsh), "Do not do it for someone's dream" "Do something tougher than when you are going well" "Praise and condemn" "Small things I will clarify the problem. "

You can concentrate by making a note titled Daily (daily), listing "doing" and "not doing" and checking it every day.

◆ 08:Mark · ザ ッ カ ー バ ー グFacebook CEO

I made something I wanted to make.

Facebook could not be expected to grow so far.

Apps should be more human-like.

What it does for others is like a hobby.

Make up your mind.

Thanks to that failure I lost billions ... ... well, it would be nice.

The important thing when hiring an employee is that I can work under that person.

I never thought that startup was attractive.

Choose only one important thing.

◆ 9: Natan Blecharczyk (Founder of Airbnb)

The number of failures is larger than the number of successes.

All experience will be added.

It is most important to choose a partner.

The life cycle of startup looks something like this when you are just starting a business, but as soon as you go down the descent line. It will recover from step by step after the disorder has continued for a while.

Please give out 100% before you quit.

I try to do things that can not be measured with a ruler.

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