OBa's OBA-chan pro-wrestling in Bolivia where OBA-chan throws OBA-chan

Unlike female professional wrestling, professional wrestling by oba-chan, abbreviated as "aka pro". Oka, Bolivia who was waving in a swinging, swaying, freely looking skirt of the inside was running round the ring. It also happens that pants will be visible. Oka-chan pro-wrestling held on Sunday every week is a famous event among backpackers to visit Bolivia, the capital city of the suburbs of La PazEl AltoIt is done in the place called.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Because the timing was met during my stay in La Paz, I watched Oka chan pro-wrestling. The art of Oba who had been completed as one entertainment. Please see the brilliant figure of fighting Oba-chan.

First game(The protagonist is a skeleton rider, the villain is a masked wrestler)
A cool appearance which embodied the friend of justice

Skeleton rider thrown into a masked wrestler

The lead role is not only fired

The wrestling wrestler approaching from behind while heading to the referee, the audience is "Wow." When I looked back and chased after the masked wrestler, the promise was spreading, with the referee approaching from behind "Wow!" This referee was also a bad fellow, suffering the leader in collusion with the wrestling wrestler.

So, it is a bad referee packed as a protagonist.

I was thrown quite well.

Second match(The protagonist is a slender woman with a green skirt, a villain is a big woman with a white skirt)
The appearance of the protagonist whose hat tiara attracts eyes.

The presence of a villain woman against. When this female wrestler appeared, the hand was pulled and a light dance together, as we were asked for a greeting to imprint South American cheeks when leaving, so we will respond. But the next person was suddenly kissed on his lips although he pointed to his cheek. The surroundings are excited at a stretch.

Sorry bad

I have a really bad face

Oka-chan, the villain carrying the leading role

A protagonist who leads in the ring

However, I am not just defeated by villain wrestlers. Get on board ......

Fold it down with the upper body between both legs.

Tighten the bad guys behind the scenes

In the crisis of the protagonist whose villain Oba was dominant, the third Oka participates as a supporter of the rain. It became a climax as it was, with the victory of the lead role closed the curtain of the second game.

The third match(The leading character is Ninjaman, villains are muscle wrestlers)
Ninjaman, the leading character, entered with an Oriental greeting that lowered his head by aligning his clenched fist with the other hand. A close feeling came up in costumes conscious of ninja.

Contrary to the muscle wrestler we will do everything we can to our disappointment.

Muscle wrestler using chain further

Strike Ninjaman's neck in chain

A slender body of Ninja man that is lifted by the muscle wrestler. It was a disadvantageous situation due to physical differences ... ...

Using the rope, each other's body swiftly replaced, so that Ninjaman who was good in speed convoluted as it was, restrained the muscle wrestler and the third game ended.

Fourth match(The leading role is a green skirt, the villain is a red skirt)
Compared with the second game, Oka's girls are bursting with great skill. It was also a spectacular match with a cramp of movement.

OBa carries OBA chan and throws it.

The high rising feet attack the throat

Grabbing the rope and showing a dynamic flight kick

Oba who climbed the corner lightly dances in the air

Fifth match(The protagonist is a superstar and a wolf man, villain a soldier and a fat)
Superstars appeared in front of female teams who bend their waist when appearing.

Er, a wolf man?

The fifth match was a tag match. Here is a leading star superstar and a wolf.

This is a battle with sergeant of the villain team.

A wolfman who rose to the ring pretty surreal

A wolfman who decides Usain · bolt posing as a land star is a norinori

Veteran soldierBolivia gas disputeI feel the domestic circumstances that happened.

The composition of the confrontation between a wolf man and a soldier

This is animal abuse !!

Wolf man climbing up the rope

Grasping wolf guy and fat

Suffering superstar

Unlike the character that appeared at the time of appearance, a superstar turns a serious eyes on the ring. It is pretty cold, but he is the only upper body hataka.

A wolf man watching Superstar and soldiers' efforts

Military man and referee

The warrior 's brave appearance was very popular with Bolivia' s little boy who is watching at the audience seat.

At the end of the game there is also an attack using a fence surrounding the ring ... ...

The chair was also a weapon

A superstar overturning the referee

There was a wolf man with a presence, and this tag match was the most exciting.

Sixth match
Compared to the battle of the fifth game, it feels like OBA chan's fighting fighting and lacks excitement. The watching was also getting longer and tiring and it was painful to cut the hair with scissors between Oka and her, not entertainment.

Keep holding the scissors and grip.

Brawl outside the ring

Battle between Oba-chan

Chair raised up ... ...

Damaged by being thrown by the referee. Although not conspicuous compared to wrestlers, the referee who participated in all the games is also indispensable to Oba chan pro wrestling, adding a kick to the leading role as a bad referee, if it is so, it is bought by money It was fun to watch as you fought with the leading role.

Watching nearly two hours for a total of six games with a break. By the time we left the hall, it became completely dark, and the night view of the city of La Paz at the bottom of the mortar was shining as well.

From the city of La Paz to El Alto ride the minivan of the meeting and it is about 20 minutes at 2 Boliviano (about 30 yen). From there, I will walk to the match venue. El Alto is over 4000 m above sea level and the wrestling game will also start from the evening, so it got quite chilly during the match. It seems better to take measures against cold weather firmly. The ticket is set at 50 Boliviano (about 730 yen) of the foreigner's rate and a higher amount than the local people. However, the seats are different by that much, and we also offer benefits such as snacks vouchers and toilet tickets, so we have no choice but to cooperate silently here.

Here is the ticket

If it is 50 Boliviano tickets, you can take a commemorative photo together after the match.

To the entertainment of the things to watch, the hearts of Oka who rises to the ring got hot in my heart. Oba pro wrestling is crowded even by local people, and blowjobs are blown to villains, and it is hotly exciting. As it is a fun place to see the everyday life of Bolivia, when you visit La Paz, why not try extending your legs?

Walking around the city, the video of Copy DVD with pro-wrestling broadcasts is flowing, and more professional wrestling posters are sold, so professional wrestling is popular in Bolivia.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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