A movie capturing the trajectory of flare that blows up 200,000 miles in the sun

In the sun shining with ultra-high heatFlareThere is an explosion phenomenon called, and its scale is large and it is about 200,000 miles (about 322,000 km). A movie photographed over 2 days from the artificial satellite on the trajectory of the flare that occurs in the sun,NASA's Goddard Space Flight CenterIt is published by.

NASA | Canyon of Fire on the Sun - YouTube


The sun is color-coded according to temperature, brown is the hottest Mr. Ka 1.8 million degrees (about 1 million degrees Celsius)

Since white and black are clear, it clearly shows how the flare is occurring.

Ultra huge vortex has been formed, just a gorge of flames.

Red is Mr. Ka 90,000 degrees (about 50,000 degrees Celsius). It is suitable for observing the filamentary structure of the sun because its temperature is lowest.

Small flare has occurred on the edge of the sun, but it looks relatively calm.

Yellow is Mr. Ka 1 million degrees (about 560,000 degrees Celsius)

Gas and flares are swelling everywhere in the sun.

A loop of a swirling magnetic field is observed after the flare has been injected.

The sun looking up from the earth seems to be only shining roundly, but in fact the explosion and flare eruptions are constantly occurring on the surface.

A large amount of nonthermal particles are accelerated by the explosion of the flare, which is said to have power of 100,000 to 100 million hydrogen bombs, generating intense gas and generating strong magnetic field.

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