Cannabis support in the United States exceeds the unsupported number of reversal phenomena


In Japan, possession of marijuana is a crime, but in the United States gradually the support for the legalization of cannabis has gradually expanded, and there are signs that legalization will spread in many statesGallupIt reports.

For First Time, Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana

It was a pleasing news that cannabis legalization supporters banned the use of cannabis in Washington and Colorado a year ago. Currently, 58% of Americans insist that "cannabis should be legalized". When Gallup took questionnaire on legalization of cannabis in 1969, the support rate was only 12%, so you can see how the situation is different from then.

The voice of approval of legalization of cannabis which had only 12% in 1969 rose to 28% in 1977. After that, it was the support rate that had been in the 20% range from the 1980s to the 1990s, but it began to rise from around the year 2000 and finally exceeded the opponents in 2011. In a survey conducted this year, there are results that 38% of Americans have used marijuana in the past, and voices of legalization of cannabis that cannabis was legalized in two states of Colorado and Washington It may be one factor that grows. Especially, the percentage of supporters has increased by 10 points compared with last November, and the voice of legalization is just getting stronger momentum. California Deputy Governor Gavin Newsam commented that "Marijuana should be legalized within the province" last week, and legalization proponents are prepared to implement referendum in the state for the revision of the law It is preparing.

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Based on federal law, the U. S. Government has expressed a strong objection to legalization of marijuana, but in AugustJames ColeIf the Deputy Attorney General says, "If the strict regulation on cannabis sales and distribution is maintained, the US Justice Department will not dispute the legality of the state voting passed by Colorado and Washington" I will. The movement to legislate cannabis is also affected by legalized gay marriage. As already recognized legally in 14 states, the support for gay marriage, which many Americans had previously opposed, is now dramatically increasing, and in the past two years there has been a great deal of support in particular It has changed to get it. It is the existence of a nonparty group that is pushing for legalization of cannabis. Indeed 62% of the nonpartisan people are in favor of legalization, and supporters are increasing by 12 points from 50% in November of last year. Meanwhile, the legalization support rate of the supporters of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is almost unchanged. However Republican supporters are persistent in opposition to legalization of marijuana.

Here is a table of support rates viewed by age. It is only for the age group 65 years old and over that the opposition to legalization outweighs the favor. Nonetheless, the legalization support rate has increased by 14 points compared to last year's survey, and the overall support rate is 45%. On the other hand, 67% of young people aged 18-29 are for legalization. Even in the group of 30 to 64 years old, many support the legalization.

For the past 44 years agreement on legalizing cannabis was a minority, but the recognition of American legalization of cannabis has changed towards a new era. At the end of the 1960s and '70s there may be widespread movement that accepts forgiveness to marijuana that was not accepted at the end of the 1960s as lifestyles have changed with the times. The background of the increase in the support rate may be related to cases where medical cannabis contributes as a way to relieve diseases such as arthritis and relieve side effects of chemotherapy. For whatever reason, this momentum of permissive cannabis will accelerate legalization in the United States.


Some claiming legalization to marijuana claim that taxing and regulating cannabis is beneficial for states and towns. However, those who slander legal abuses and marijuana addicts oppose by using cannabis to inquire about health hazards such as heart rate increase and memory disorder. From 1969 the support for legalization of cannabis has increased fourfold, support in legalization spreads even in big towns on the east coast such as Portland, Oregon, and it is thought that votes on legalization will be done It will be hard to predict that the concern and support for cannabis in the US will continue to rise in the future.

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