The spicyness of "Cup noodle red curry" which looks very spicy is surprisingly ordinary

Nissin Food Products will be available from October 21 (Monday) as a new cup noodle "Red curry"We sell. Currently cup noodleSURVIVE! CUP NOODLEWe are doing a big campaign called "selling as a campaign product second. It looked very red as finished with chili and black pepper, so I tried it.

Cup Noodle Red Curry | Products Information | Nissin Foods

The package of cup noodle red curry is bright like this and it seems to be a bit unsettling.

"Package" is printed on the package.

"A halo can not fight," and a nostalgic catch phrase has been printed, "I will support you fighting hotly, redly, painfully!"

Raw materials are written on the lid and you can check fried tofu, curry powder, curry seasoning and so on.

Cup noodle red curry has a calorie value of 393 kilocalories, which is slightly higher than the normal cup noodle's 343 kilocalories.

When opening it, the smell of curry drifts, the appearance is also red and after all it is a dangerous atmosphere.

Pour hot water and smell the curry.

Close the lid and wait for 3 minutes.

When opening it is like this. In french fries and cup noodles you can also check the flavored meat and onions that are standard items.

Completion if you stir well.

After all the soup is red curry and it is pretty red, spicy scent. Let's try eating.

Surprisingly it is not intense but it is a little bit more spicy than spicy food, but I can eat it if the spicy food is not good. Although the smell and the flavor of the curry are certainly strong, there is no pungent taste like a red pepper, and it is about to shoulder watermark. Cup noodle curry which is selling regularly It seems that flavor like shrimp is not found in curry taste, making seasoning taste strong.

Good combination of sweetness and curry flavor of French fries. Perhaps this potato is included, it may be a bit more caloric than the normal cup noodle. Noodles and ingredients match the junk seasoned soup.

Because the soup will be much better, if you eat at lunch or dinner, you may also want to add rice and turn it into wind.

The price of cup noodle red curry is 170 yen per tax. Because it is not spicy against the appearance, people who like curry taste should be able to enjoy a wide range.

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