Development of a flying car "AEROMOBIL 2.5" is underway even in Slovakia

Speaking of "flying cars" moviesBlade runnerYaBack to the FutureIt is also one of the technologies that symbolizes the near future as it emerged, but even in Slovakia, the development of such flying car "AEROMOBIL" is proceeding.

Aeromobil: Roadable aircraft

Details of AEROMOBIL and test flight scenes can be seen in the movie below.

Aeromobil Roadable aircraft 2.5 - YouTube

Vehicularly shaped car coming out of the column of parallel parking in the city ......

Even from the top, the heterogeneity with the surroundings is clear.

It's like a scene like a movie scene.

But this is not a CG image.

Spreading wings on the airport runway ......

Starting the propeller at the rear of the car ... ...

Take off is on!

After a short flight, the car body floated and it floated.

I'm flying a bit wandering around a few meters high.

This time it is a test flight, it seems to be just flight on the runway.

I proved that I can actually fly in the sky and showed it.

Stefan Klein says that he was developing designer Audibil, Volkswagen and BMW before. It seems that the development of "flying car" has been a dream for 20 years.

And it is a joint investor of the projectAngel investorsIt is Juraj Vaculik. We jointly established AeroMobil in 2010.

The main specifications of AEROMOBIL are as follows. The engineRotaxEquipped with Rotax 912, equipped with a folding wing. The maximum capacity is two people, the maximum speed is over 160 kilometers per hour when traveling on the ground, and over 200 kilometers per hour at the time of flight.

Although the final version is "3.0", you can see that the current version "2.5" is approaching considerable completion.

This is the expected CG of the final version "3.0". When traveling on the ground, store the wings.

In airplane state, it seems that it is designed to obtain sufficient lift even at low speed by spreading the wing sideways.

When watching from the top, wear it as if it were a free jumpWing suitIt looks like it too.

Two people can board a cockpit covered with a transparent shield.

It is almost the same design as a passenger car.

The development of this flying car is being advanced in the world, and in the United StatesTerrafugiaFrom the world's first flying carThe TransitionHas been released and the development of successor aircraft is underway.

Welcome | Terrafugia

There seems to be problems that need to be solved mainly in terms of safety for flying cars, but is there a day when it will become popular as vehicles that can not be accessed by light planes such as Cessna aircraft?

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