Watch "Tikker" which counts down the time left in your life

A general clock only tells me the current time. However, it is also called "Death Watch"TikkerIs an unusual watch that tells you how much time you have left of your life, a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are seeking investment in.


Death clockTikker with a nickname of "Tikker", but the real purpose is to "tell me that" Because time spent in life is limited, I will spend valuable time meaningfully ". Features of such Tikker are from the following movies.

Tikker - the death watch that counts down your life (but in a good way!) - YouTube

About death, some people say "things like lights will disappear and become dark all the way ..."

On the other hand, some people say "it is wonderful".

But what would you do if you were told that the remaining lifetime was "one more year"?

"Death is unavoidable, but life can change," Frederic says. It is one of the teams planning this Tikker.

"Treasure the given time, live the present according to your own heart ... ...."

"You must taste it."

"What is important for that is to recognize that" time is limited. "

"Even when I am angry ..."

"Even when there is something unpleasant ... ...."

"Even when irritated, time will always pass away."

"We are developing this Tikker to cherish such time."

On the screen of the watch, "Hours, Months, and Years" from the top are displayed in "Hours, Minutes, Seconds" in the second row and the current time is displayed in the bottom.

"But what matters is not to know" how much time is left "but" what to do with that time ", says Frederic.

"A week full of love is more valuable in life than a year full of pain."

"And be honest with your heart"

"To wear a Tikker, it is to declare" I value life in my life "," I talked about the hot feelings I would give to Tikker.

This is the appearance of Tikker which development is almost completed. It is usually 3 stages digital display which you do not see much.

Even if viewed from the side, it can not be distinguished from ordinary watches.

Even with wearing, there is almost no discomfort.

And it is a calculation method of "remaining time" which is worrisome, but if you answer according to the question of the manual bundled with the product, the lifespan is determined and the mechanism that obtains the present age from the life span is requested It is becoming.

It is unclear what kind of calculation method is and how much accuracy it is, but considering the concept of "aim to conscious at the time that is left behind" is not a big problem maybe.

This unusual Tikker, but nowKickstarterWe are seeking investment, and it is a great success to collect about 77 thousand dollars (about 7.5 million yen) from about 1700 people against the target price of 25,000 dollars (about 2.45 million yen) when we leave the deadline for 13 days It has become first time. Tikker says that it is going to be 59 dollars (about 5800 yen) at the time of marketing in the future, but you can get 1 unit with a contribution of 39 dollars (about 3800 yen). There is also a plan to change the body color to your favorite color with a capital of 1000 dollars (about 98,000 yen) so that you can get only one Tikker in the world.

Tikker - The wrist watch that counts down your life! By Rebecca DeRosa - Kickstarter

The deadline of investment is until 2:21 am on Saturday, November 2 in Japan time.

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