9 unexpected mistakes that people can easily commit to gain overall happiness


"People are having hearts to hearts and happiness of joy and gratitude when paralyzing hearts to avoid sadness and suffering," Professor Brené Brown of the University of Houston conducts various presentationsTEDI told you. In general it is possible that the custom which is said to be "to be incorporated into every day in order to become happy" may actually be hurting himself rather than being actually happy in the long run ... ... General · In order to get overall happiness you have nine things that may be wrongThe Third MetricIt is summarized.

The 9 Happiness Mistakes You're Probably Making

◆ 1: I place too much emphasis on achieving

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If you concentrate too much on realizing happiness, you may return and get away from happiness. this isWhat has become evident from the research of the University of DenverSo, people who feel pressure against happiness become more likely to feel loneliness on a daily basis than people who are not. Pressure is a cause of stress, influencing happiness and health.

◆ 2: Being tired so much is positive

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It is important to emphasize the bright side, but the pitfalls are inherent in life. Even if you should keep a positive nature, trying so may adversely hurt you. To be good or bad, crying is an emotional reaction to an external trigger. Although mental health and physical health are important to humans, there is the possibility of putting them at risk by suppressing emotions. Sometimes it is also necessary to throw out the positive attitude.

◆ 3: Share too much

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"Happiness is a reality is when we shared it with someone"Christopher McCandlessAlthough it said, in recent years digitization advanced, it is somewhat different. Even though it is a happy post, sharing too much on Facebook and other social networks can cause discord in romantic relationshipsKansas University researchYaFrom the study of Birmingham UniversityIt is obvious that if one of your lover is uploading a picture when one of them is not with you or a friend who is on good side is uploading a picture with a friend other than yourself, It seems to receive. Sharing too much information with someone will make your relationship with the rest of you special, so be careful.

◆ 4: I always touch my smartphone or Facebook

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The connection with people is the key to happiness, but when it comes to Facebook, you may get hurt.According to a survey of the University of Michigan, the use of Facebook and SNS reduces positive and happinessI know that. According to the survey, those who spend a lot of time on Facebook are exhausted, and users who spend most of their time on the newsfeed did not have satisfaction with their lives. Continually connecting with someone will hinder your happiness. Also, because you are taking the time to smartphones, you may miss an important moment of your life. If you do not turn off the smartphone, youThere is a possibility of making a cycle itself that loses satisfaction and productivity.

◆ 5: I will try everything


You might think that accomplishing everything, such as work, social activities, errands and school events, is accomplished. But in reality it is totally against the achievement. When I try to do everything I feel happy is depressed quickly. This can be said especially in the case of women, according to research published in 2011,A woman trying to become a "super mama" is at high risk of putting pressure on himself and depression, A woman who has a realistic vision of work and family balance has said that the sense of happiness was quite high. about thisBernard UniversityPrincipal Debora Spar said, "You can not do everything, but you can do important things for you."

◆ 6: I do not remember the past

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Spending time thinking about the past is not the key to happiness, but nostalgic about the past should lead you in the right direction. In 2012 research on nostalgia and emotion it has been reported that when feeling in the past, one feels strong physiological comfort. Heart memories make it easier to associate past experiences with the present. Nostalgia physically warms people and makes you happy.

◆ 7: Not working

ByRachel Carter

It is neither secret nor secret that healthy living mentally and physically create happiness. However, there are few people actually practicing in reality. Walking youMindfulIt raises creativity, it also helps the generation of vitamins. Move your legsEndorphinPlease release happiness for a while.

◆ 8: Resisting to change

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When your career or current environment is just what you want, you may want a perfect life not to change ... .... But hesitation to change may result in unhappiness.Psychology study on selectionAccording to the human brain naturally trying to avoid loss, it is said that resisting losses creates stress. Just because you are satisfied with your life is not a reason for resistance to change. Even if it is a fear of the unknown, even if it is a fear of losing what you have, it is sometimes damaging the satisfaction of the future life to bear the pressure right now.

◆ 9: What is not mindful

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There are many studies about the connection between meditation and happiness.UCLAAccording to researchMindfulnessSetting aside for time increases aggressive mood and makes you intelligent. Physically practicing meditation will rewire the brain physically,Intelligence of mindHe said that he will speed up the memory of information. The mindfulness meditation method fulfills essential elements to maintain your happiness, to relax your body, cultivate attitude towards appreciation, lower your stress level.

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