'A girl uses her supernatural powers to attack others at a cafe'

In every country in the world, a stunning project is a staple in TV variety shows, but a stunning movie ' Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise ' that causes a phenomenon like supernatural power in a crowded coffee shop has been released on YouTube. It is a must-see for those who panic when they see their supernatural powers.


You can check the movie that doubles as a movie preview from the link below.

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise --YouTube

The coffee shop in WEST VILLAGE in New York was chosen as the stage for the stunning project.

First of all, we will make a fake wall just like a movie set for a stunning project.

Seen from the back, this street is completely papier mache.

Next is a meeting between the stuntman and the actress who will be acting for this stunting project. Acting guidance is given to the actress. When the actress sticks out her right hand ...

The stuntman is slammed against the wall and floats on the wall.

The stuntman has a wire attached to it and is slammed against the wall to float, but it seems to the customer that he is using his supernatural powers.

When carrying out a stunning project, the back side operates the wire according to the movement of the actress, and it looks as if he is using his supernatural powers.

A roller is also attached under the table ...

It is a mechanism that moves according to the movement of the actress.

The table is operated by the person behind.

Framed photos ...

Books are also stunning props.

The gimmicks sit down and wait for the time.

Several cameras for shooting are also installed in the cafe.

Mr. Urakata waits while looking at multiple monitors.

The people behind them are already grinning.

Finally, the start was clear, and the first customer came into the store.

The scene of the cafe is the same as usual, with customers entering the store one after another and placing orders at the cash register.

Mr. Urakata is checking the state of customers entering the store on the monitor.

A stuntman man stands up from his seat ...

I hit the actress on purpose.

Coffee has spilled on my computer.

An actress who makes a loud and surprised voice.

The eyes of the customers in the cafe gather at the actress who is planning all at once.

A stuntman who apologizes apologize. The actress pretended to be angry with a loud voice.

A general guest man who is completely deceived by acting.

A very short woman has an expression that just says 'Well, I don't like it.'

An angry actress stands up

Stick out your open right hand to the stuntman.

A stuntman blown off the wall as if supernatural powers were released from the actress's right hand

Floating on the wall. The stuntman has rounded eyes and a surprised expression.

The general public at the cafe, who knows nothing, looks very surprised.

Female customers are crying out unintentionally, 'Oh my god.'

The cafe is noisy. The customer is completely fooled

Again from another angle.

The actress lowers her hand and the stuntman is shaken to the floor.

The customers of the noisy cafe.

The actress is silent and clasping her hands.

Open both hands and stick out towards the chair ...

The chair starts to move. It's pretty shocking to the general public because the actress seems to be using her supernatural powers.

A middle-aged man has a stunned look.

The woman who shoots the whole story with a camera is screaming.

A male customer wearing glasses who looks like he has seen something ridiculous.

The actress folded her hands behind her neck and made an annoying look ...

Shout out loud.

The interior hanging on the wall falls in conjunction with the actress's acting.

Furthermore, the inside of the cafe is noisy. Some customers have begun to run away.

The actress keeps screaming.

Suddenly the screen changes and Chloe Grace Moretz, the leading actress of 'Carrie', appears.

'Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise' is a stunning project to promote the

movie 'Carrie ' based on Stephen King, which was released in the United States from October 18, 2013. Even though it's a promotion, it's a very elaborate and stunning project, and if you're on site, you're likely to be completely fooled. The movie 'Carrie' will be released in Japan on November 8, 2013.

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