Xbox 360, the largest unit sold for 32 consecutive months, will surrender to PS 3


Although it is not a major game hard in Japan, it is Xbox 360, but it has gained wide support in the United States and was ranked number one in sales for 32 consecutive months till August 2013. However, in September 2013, PlayStation 3 finally exceeded the sales of Xbox 360, and it is on top of sales.

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Consumer market research companyNPDIt is an analystLiam CallahanAccording to Mr. Game, the game software that blew out sales of 1 billion dollars (about 100 billion yen) worldwide in just three days after being released on September 17, 2013Grand Theft Auto VThe total sales of the game industry as a whole in September rose by 27%, and in the sales of game software alone, 57% up.

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The popularity of Grand Theft Auto V has also had a positive influence on the sales of American game hard, especially among PlayStation 3, sales of GTA V and the main body's bundle pack are strong, and it is the top position in 32 consecutive months of sales I overtook the revenue of the reigning Xbox 360.

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Also, Nintendo,The Legend of Zelda Wind Tact HDAnd the Wii U body at a discounted price, and recorded about three times the monthly sales of ordinary. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that the total sales of Xbox 360 worldwide exceeded 80 million units, and each company seems to be performing well in September.

Sony will release PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013 (released on February 22, 2014 in Japan), Microsoft will release the successor to Xbox 360 Xbox One on November 22, 2013 (in Japan in 2014 Schedule), respectively, and the competition for the hegemony of the game industry is likely to increase further intensely.

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