I went to a family restaurant "100 spoons" where soup stock Tokyo opened

Exhibit shops at the station building etc. with the concept of "additive, eat soup"Soup Stock TokyoIt is developing as a new family restaurant "100 spoons by Soup Stock Tokyo"is. From October 3rd in YokohamaAzakamino GardensBecause the second shop opened in January, it is the first shopKobe Sanda Premium OutletI went to 100 spoons inside to see what kind of food I could eat.

100 spoons by Soup Stock Tokyo

Arrived at Kobe Sanda Premium Outlet.

I found a store of "100 spoons by Soup Stock Tokyo".

When you enter the shop, the interior is a natural taste. It was made with the concept that it is easy for a busy urban dweller but it provides a place where you can enjoy delicious mealsSoup Stock Tokyo"I'd like to increase the table for eating with someone" as a family restaurant, so it is quite large for 4 people.

Tables and chairs are simple yet fashionable.

The menu was binder type.

First I ordered shrimp and scallop omal rice. If ordered separately, it is 1280 yen including tax, it is 1680 yen in salad + soup set.

This is a sauce with scallops and two shrimp grilled here.

Prawn shrimp is sticking with Dawn.

Squeeze the lemon as you like ... ...

First of all, it's just a source. The sauce of the Omaru shrimp is very rich in sauce, but the harvest is few, it is easy to eat because it suppresses saltiness. Because extra additives are not used, the taste is mellow and there is no feeling of pulling afterwards, and for those who like the taste of miso shrimp, it is irresistible dish.

Both prawns and scallops are grilled and the aroma of charcoal intensifies appetite.

We will put the sauce on butter rice in a set.

Prawns are plump.

The compatibility with rice which became slightly butter taste is outstanding.

Soup of pumpkin that was set.

There are many pumpkin soup laden, but this is a finished that asserted while having sweetness and mellowness of pumpkin firmly. Omar sauce It never felt badly to eat with rice.

The second item is Tokyo beef stew. When ordering separately, it is 1480 yen including tax.

Huge beef lamb is contained, it seems likely to respond to eating.

Because it is boiled in a pressure cooker, meat is rough.

Grilled plenty of vegetables are also included. Half of the onions are whole.

Grill of cabbage.

As muffed potatoes are also contained in the beef stew, we will serve plenty of vegetables and big meat. Since vegetables are melting in, the demiglas sauce is a little drool, and the sweetness of the vegetables and the taste of the meat etc. are tightly packed. However, things that give rich feeling such as butter and fresh cream are not used so much, and this is a finished that asserted while having umami.

I also set a baguette and salad set (360 yen including tax) on the set menu.

If you put on baguette and eat it, the hand that will melt and soften the fat of the meat to carry baguette with baguette will not stop.

Three items are beef coarse ground and vegetable mushroom sauce hamburg (1180 yen including tax).

Hamburg is a softness that I have never felt before, and the feeling of breaking meat with a fork is "fluffy"

This is because hamburg is made with vegetables with meat. I am tapping into crispy crisps and onions, so it is said that hamburger which was more fluffy than ever was completed. The sauce had a little acidity and sweetness, it was a taste like a woman, not to mention men who want to eat meats.

It is a hamburger steak, but it also contained lumps of softened meat.

Here also order salad (280 yen including tax) and soup (280 yen including tax) on side menu.

Soup is 8 kinds of vegetables and chicken soup.

It contains chicken, tomatoes and other shrewed lettuce, and you can eat it like a salad with chewy soup. Because there is a unique scent of spice a bit, it is also recommended for those who like ethnic dishes.

Besides the menu of cooking, the drink menu was also substantial.

There was a slightly different menu for dessert, so I will order it.

First of all, blissful corn pudding.

At first glance it looks like an ordinary brulee, but the menu was "surprised cone pudding which has never met a bit," so it pokes.

On the surface there is a crispy caramel, divide with a spoon ......

When I eat a bite, the first thing I felt was saltiness. Crispy caramel mixed with salt with sugar, cooked with burner, it was taste like salt caramel. And the purine is certainly the sweetness of corn, the structure that the corn is complemented by the saltiness of caramel. It is a dessert that I have never ever eaten as it is on the menu, but I have flattened it with pelor because it is easy to eat and refreshed.

Also order sweet potato and lens bean paste sundae (400 yen including tax).

I will start with ginger and black vinegar sauce.

It looks like black honey, so if you eat it without knowing anything it will be surprisingly sour, but by multiplying the sauce, Sunday suddenly gets Japanese taste & refreshing flavor.

The soft cream had a rich flavor of milk and the lentils of lentils was also elegant sweetness so it was possible to eat one Sunday without coffee.

There are also two seats so that even if you enter alone you can enjoy delicious dishes to your heart 's content.

Frozen soup and curry are on sale next to the cash register so that you can enjoy the taste of the shop even at home.

Hamburgers and stews may be too tasty or too greasy when eating with family foods, but since both menus were assassed finish to ensure the taste of the ingredients firmly, they were able to eat deliciously even for women and children . It seems that it may be somewhat unsatisfactory for a man who likes firm seasoning or a man who is eating, but since it draws out the taste of the ingredients while taking time and effort without relying on scientific seasoning amount, at home It has become a dish of quality that can not be eaten easily, and it is perfect as a table for a day wanting a little luxury.

Business hours are from 11 am to 9 pm. Following Kobe Mita and Yokohama will be opened in Chiba Prefecture on Friday, December 20.

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