Pillow of innovative design that can take a nap in every situation "OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT"

A moderate nap is a sleepless sleeping pillow in every situation developed by raising productivity of work and study to be healthyOSTRICH PILLOWNewly improved, easy to carry It became easier to use on commuter journeys and travel journeys "OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT"is. Currently in the cloud funding platformKickstarterInvestment is being recruited at.

OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT by kawamura-ganjavian - Kickstarter

OSTRICH PILLOWWhat is it like? You can read from the following article.

I tried practically using the "OSTRICH PILLOW" pillow which can take a nap for suyasuya in every situation - GIGAZINE

And the improved version of OSTRICH PILLOW OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT details from the movie below.

Before Thomas Edison invented a light bulb, people slept on average 10 hours a day.

However, now sleeping time has been totally reduced, only 7 hours on average in Europe, 6 hours on average in the US, 5 hours on average on average in Japan.

Therefore, although it may become sleepy even in the daytime ... ...

It was developed to be able to take a nap in any situation anytime, anywhere "OSTRICH PILLOW"

The body looks like this.

Cloud Funding PlatformKickstarter collects about 195,000 dollars (about 19 million yen) at the target price of 70,000 dollars (about 7 million yen)It is a popular product, bringing a revolution to a nap all over the world.

It is frequently introduced on television.

Moderator also enjoyed OSTRICH PILLOW.

And, the originalSTUDIO BANANA THiNGSHas improved popularity OSTRICH PILLOW and released a new model.


The color and texture looks exactly like the original OSTRICH PILLOW, but it is a ring-shaped design like a bracelet.

OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT is a person taking a nap, especially those commuting to work by bus or train ......

People who often use airplanes

It is made for people on vacation, it is a model that is convenient to carry.

95% of the material isViscose, 5% isElastomerIt is made of flexible, flexible. Inside is silicon-processed microbeads.

Those who commute to work for a long time will not get much sleep, but if you have OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT you can take a restful sleep while commuting. According to STUDIO BANANA THiNGS it takes about 20 minutes nap to increase productivity by 30% or more, so it will be useful for playing and for work. In addition, if you look at people with strange eyes, "I can not see myself, do not mind, please say I am busy charging and dreaming."

I feel like I can not see it fashionably when wrapped around the neck.

In addition to wrapping around the neck, even when you do not use it can be carried around with a bag and carried.

Just wear it on your head.

With this you can get tranquility, darkness and security. Because the main body is stretchy strap, it is possible to fit the body according to the size of the person's head to wear.

OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT is made in Spain.

It is made entirely by hand and packing is done by hand.

A variety of fabrics were used and development was done over a year.

It seems that the inside fabric was made red too.

OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT is currently seeking investment for commercialization, and it is possible to get red or blue OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT with a contribution of $ 44 (about 4400 yen). It is free shipping if it is domestic in the US, Canada, Europe and the UK, but if you make a contribution from Japan you need a separate 10 pounds (about 1600 yen) as a shipping fee when the item is sent. The deadline is Japan time on November 12, 2013 at 8:10 pm.

STUDIO BANANA THiNGS also comes with a face from the pillowOSTRICH PILLOW JUNIORIt is also on sale.

JUNIOR is attached to the name, but seems to be available even for adults.

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