IPhone 5s is released but there is no big change in browser share

ByAgustin Diaz

Although the usage ratio of the browser fluctuates every moment, data of September this year is sent to the American news siteArs TechnicaHas announced. Despite the release of the new iPhone, there seems to have been no dramatic share change compared to last month.

Internet Explorer 6 usage drops below 5 percent in September | Ars Technica

There seems to be calmer without major change in the share of the browsing application of the mobile terminal. Safari, which boasts the largest share of mobile terminals, fell by 1.31 points from the previous month, falling for the third consecutive month. The Android standard browser, Chrome are rising by 0.59 points, 0.76 points respectively, it seems that there is no influence of sales of the new iPhone.

Internet Explorer occupies half of the market in the whole browser combined with mobile terminal and personal computer, and even while browsing of mobile terminal is increasing rapidly at present, it still keeps a share of over 50%. In September of this year, the percentage of mobile terminals accounted for access to the Internet as a whole fell from 13% to 11%. As a result of browsing of mobile terminals decreasing, the use ratio of Internet Explorer on the whole is rising instead.

This is a graph showing the browser usage rate of PC and mobile terminals in September 2013.

However, the Internet Explorer desktop share fell by 0.58 points in September, while Google Chrome rose 0.58 points. Firefox and Opera fell 0.13 and 0.05 points respectively, while Safari gained 0.17 points. When I look at the past 12 months, the usage rate of Firefox and Chrome is somewhat lower, others said that they are flat.

Graph showing the PC browser usage rate in September (upper) and the browser share (lower) in the last 12 months.

By the way, the most used OS is Windows 7, the latest Windows 8 sold last year dropped its growth rate in September after sharply expanding its share in August. However, the share of Windows 8 is still growing, and the number of users currently is more than twice that of Windows Vista. It is noteworthy that Windows 8.1 already accounts for about 10 percent of the Windows 8.x user base. That means that there are people who are involved in development and who use it before releasing software.

Every month at GIGAZINEaccess analysis, But in August the whole access of GIGAZINE is 20.84% ​​for Chrome, 18.19% for Safari, 17.69% for Internet Explorer, etc. It seems that it is quite different from Ars Technica's survey.

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