Effort table in 2014 focuses on "Fate / stay night", and works that can not be announced yet

An event announcing what kind of work of the animation production company Utopo Table made in 2013, and what kind of lineup is planned for 2014 was held at Machi ★ Asobi vol.11. Together with this event, Kofu Hikaru producer at UFO table has gathered key staff from Tokyo studio to Tokushima and it was a gorgeous event to meet with the main staff who supported the Euphor table work of 2013.

Ufotable and more 2013 Works from Autumn Line-up - Machi ★ Assortment vol.11 2013.09.28 ~ 10.14

This announcement event was last year 's Asobi ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 It is the one that Kondo producer felt a response to the event that the UFO table released what it is going to do from now on and decided to hold this year. There is also an intention to tell the fans what they have been doing over the past year and what they will do from here, but at the same time, by announcing extensively at the event on what to do, There is also a meaning to put on.

The staff who was called this time is Mr. Takahashi Takoo (Display Yin) from the left, Yuka Shibata, Mr. Takayuki Hirao, Mr. Akira Matsushima, Haruo Azaki, Mr. Yuichi Terio, Mr. Aokiya, Shizuka Fujisaki, Mr. Hayaka Kikuchi Mr. Sudo Yukuda. Kondo Producer who progresses on the right side.

In 2013 it became "Year of theater work" for the Euphor table. "Sky boundary birdscape 3D landscape 3D" was released on July 13, followed by "Future Gospel" on September 28. This time, Director Sudo who became the first director work of "Future Gospel" has been involved in the work as a drawing director until then, but he did not think that the director was such a hard work, but he gave a honest feeling . Mr. Sudo and Ms. Kikuchi (the future gospel) · Mr. Fujisaki (the future gospel extra chorus) are in charge of character design and drawing director, but Mr. Kikuchi said that it was considerably suffering because it was the first theater character deza. In addition, Mr. Fujisaki was 25, and he was supposed to serve as the director of the theater's work, and although he was tough, he seemed to have realized that the girls character was reputable that they could draw it cute.

"Tales of Symphonia" is a long-time work most closely related to Director Haruo Osaki, and since Mr. Akira Matsushima of drawing director has been drawing for many years, in order to check the character table to see if the color is wrong It is said that. Tales of Symphonia who became a masterpiece OVA of all 11 by having asked to add another one, furthermore, the director became 10, became 8 talks which originally made it with 4 pieces, this year It will celebrate the 10th anniversary and BD - BOX comes out. "I never thought that it would be such a long relationship," Kondo producer. Euphor table handled animation part with "Tales of Exilia" "Tales of Exilia 2", but when I began doing OVA of Sinfonia, I never thought that the work would come out to the world like Exilia.

On the evening of October 13th, the opening image of "God Eater 2" was released to the world for the first time. I was in charge of director Takayuki Hirao, who also directed the movie "Witchcup sisters Yoyo and Nene" released in December 2013. This is Kondo Producer Iwaku "Labor MAX, budget also MAX work". According to Mr. Takahashi, co-director, the work was made with the scene being "so much!" And the atmosphere is also on the film. "Every day it's a work that came to deliver interesting things, so it would be great if you could see it," said Hirao.

And what's worrisome is that in 2014, Mr. Sudo"Fate / stay night" reanimationAs I am involved in the project, "I think that it will be a year to keep depicting TYPE-MOON work as ever," he said. Meanwhile, Mr. Akazaki seems to be dealing with undisclosed pieces of information, "I am full of what I can not say right now", I was laughing and cheating. According to Kondo producer, the work is progressing at an unprecedented speed of work, and information is to be released from time to time.

About a work that some fans are interested in, "Girls Work is progressing properly, I am OK because I have not forgotten," a word of security.

"TYPE-MOON × ufotable project" Official website opens, "Fate / Zero" and "Girls Work" in 2011

The message from each person is as follows.

I think that fans are expecting the work (Fate / stay night) currently on the screen, so I will try my best to respond to it.

From now on I will try my best to be a work that you think is fun to watch.

I am thinking if it is possible to continue making work that makes fun making and enjoying side.

I also hoped to come to Asobi next year.

I am glad that it gave me great energy when I get applauded like this. I am looking forward to seeing you here next year and talking with you.

I can not say anything at the moment, but I will try my best to be delivered to everyone. Sinfonia also comes out so I would be happy if you could see it. And since there is also manga "Tales of Accademia" making it centered on young people, I am glad if you read it.

I do not have any work to say, but I'd like to work hard to make works that everyone will be pleased with. I hope to see Sinfonia's BD-BOX.

In 2013 I was doing "God Eater 2" and "Yoyo and Nene", but what will you do next year? Perhaps I am living by eating and drinking. Ufotable in 2014 has Fate / stay night, and I think that I'm probably publishing fun and fun work to the world, I do not know but (lol) every time a new work comes out, it is coming to Asobi So, I hope to come back again.

I do not know next year, but for the time being, I will try to help you promote "Yoyo and Nene" so thank you.

I came to Tokushima for the first time, but I thought that fans would be more challenging and I have to work hard for these people.

It was only the "Fate / stay night" that was revealed as the 2014 work of the Euphor table, but the appearance that various things are moving on the back side. I can not wait for information lifting.

· 2013/12/27 additional recording
The official website of Fate / stay night opened on 27th December.

"Fate / stay night" official website of new animation released, PV lifting on YouTube

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