A mysterious acrobatics movie in which a woman catches a knife hit with a table tennis racket

Speaking of YouTube is a video sharing service where many movies are uploaded from all over the world but when you hit a knife with a table tennis racket you catch it with a table tennis racket and a mysterious man with pineapple appears Sugo Techno Movie "S 01 E 07 Miss Ping (Tumba Ping Pong Show)"Was released to the public.

S01E07 Miss Ping (Tumba Ping Pong Show) - YouTube

Mysterious woman Miss Ping

Walk away from the camera ......

I looked back at it, Kururi. Two table tennis rackets are held in their hands.

And a male appeared rubbing the two knives dubiously. Pineapple also in the back right of the screen ... ....

Bring a knife in the mouth ......

I will take out the table tennis racket from my pocket. At that time the old man with pineapple raised his face a little.

If you think what to do with a knife and a racket ......

I hit the knife with a racket in the direction of Miss Ping.

At that moment when the knife should pass by the side of the body, Miss Ping moved the racket ......

Catch the knife, catch it, or the knife is piercing the racket.

I also skipped another knife.

And this also caught without difficulty Who is Miss Ping who does not change the complexion with a horrible knife catch just looking?

When I finished skipping the knife, Uncle Pineapple finally came out from the back right.

And set the pineapple over the head of Miss Ping, a man in front will drive a knife

Flying at high speed, spat it cut the pineapple in half.

And finally take out the ping-pong ball ... ...


The ping-pong ball wonderfully went into the mouth of Miss Ping.

With this we have 2 rackets of table tennis with a knife stuck and ping-pong balls in the mouth, a surreal woman is completed.

A man standing his thumb on the camera's eyes, a wonderfulSuddenly.

I am creating this movieTumba Ping Pong ShowIn the group called, using other ping-pong balls and table tennis racketsAchieve a hole in oneOrMake breakfast,FurthermoreTaking a strike by bowlingAnd I'm uploading various Sugo technique movies, so it might be interesting to check here.

Tumba Ping Pong Show | When Awesome Is Not Enough

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