"Aunt Stella's Cookie" I ate all 16 types of cookies at an all-you-can-eat store

All-you-can-eat cakes and desserts are available at hotels and so on, but Antostella, which runs "Aunt Stella's Cookie", offers unusual "all-you-can-eat cookies"EsolaI am doing it at the Ikebukuro branch. I already have all-you-can-eat at some stores such as Yokohama, but I was concerned about the newly opened Ikebukuro store, so I went to a shop and ate cookies.

"Cookie Viking Cafe" appears in Esola Ikebukuro! | ANTSTERA CORPORATION

Walk through the basement of Ikebukuro and head for ESOLA.

After walking for a while, I found a poster written "Ant Stella Esola Ikebukuro Store NEW OPEN". The arrows are shaped like cookies.

Following the arrows, I found a signboard for "All you can eat cookies!" In 60 minutes the price is 880 yen including tax.

I will line up in a row.

I will be instructed in the store immediately and receive instructions from the store clerk to take a seat. There was a case that you entered the inside of the shop and you could have all you can eat all-you-can-eat cookies.

There are 16 types of types. It is also possible to pack yourself in a bag and purchase cookies at the cash register.

Tables and chairs are made of wood. After taking a seat, I will go to checkout at the cashier to eat all you can eat.

American-style miscellaneous goods are decorated in the store, and atmosphere for women.

We also sell seasonal cookies and there was a case cookie with a cute little Halloween as a motif.

I will pay the checkout as well as checkout.

All you can eat cookies includes one drink, you can choose coffee, tea, milk, orange juice. The drink replacement plus 105 yen.

This time I ordered hot tea. You will receive it at the counter along with a dedicated monkey that takes cookies.

Receive the cookie and return to the seat.

Over 90% of the shops were female customers, and the seats were buried at the same time as the store opened.

You will also receive a note with a simple rule of all you can eat. If you leave it extremely Charges may be charged separately with all you can eat as you are done elsewhere.

It's like this when you put up with cookies. Let's go eat it.

First of all, for a limited time menuPumpkin ballFrom. Including it in the mouth spreads fragrant wheat flavor and pumpkin taste. Because pumpkin seed is contained, it is also a good feeling of fragrance and texture. It is easy to crumble, it takes away moisture, so I do not feel like eating all you can eat.

Eating cookies will definitely dry your mouth and throat so you will want a drink. People who eat a lot of cookie's number seems to have better refreshing drinks on the way.

Caramel custardYou can feel the taste of the caramel firmly on the outside brownish part, but you will hardly taste the custard. Because caramel's fragrance and cookie compatibility are good, it seems better to think that it is a caramel-flavored cookie.

YogurtIt is slightly consolidated crispy texture. The sourness of yoghurt is felt, cookie which can be eaten lightly while butter is in raw material. This seems to be compatible with orange juice.

The most popular in AmericaChocolate chipIn addition to the crispy texture, the texture of chocolate crispy is also good. There is a sense of volume because chocolate enters into the fabric where butter was used and the sweetness is also intensified.

SesameIt has a flavorful taste of sesame seasoned with somewhat different flavor of cookie 's wheat, it can also enjoy a texture and fragrance.

Old fashion sugarI feel the taste of butter a little more strongly, the texture is harder than the other cookies. It is likely to be delicious even if it is soaked in coffee or milk.

ButterscatchAlthough the texture is light, cookie takes away mouth moisture and the sweetness and butter taste are stronger than other cookies, so it seems better to eat with coffee and tea.

Pecan ballIsPecan nutTaste of thick fatty rich nuts and caramel which is said to be. Because it is a little bit tinged, it is recommended to eat this cookie by drinking it.

I wrapped the milk fabric with fabric containing strawberriesMilk strawberriesFrom the outside partIchigo PockyI feel like sour and sweet. Although it is somewhat artificial flavor, this is a good compatibility with milk fabric with this.

CornflakesIs a cookie covered with cornflakes in raisin · walnut dough. There is a handmade feel that you can feel the fragrance of corn, which is a bit different from the fragrance that burned wheat, the sourness of raisins and the fragrance of walnuts. Even if it is immersed in milk, it seems to be able to eat deliciously.

Almond chocolate chipThe roasted fine almonds and the taste of chocolate are quite voluminous. Roasted almonds are fragrant, they also feel bitter taste of chocolate slightly more adult taste.

Walnut CrispThere is only a lightly baked cookie, there is no crispy texture, it will crumble in the mouth when biting. The nut feeling is thin, making it a little sweet.

I entered coffee powder in a walnut doughcoffeeThe bittersweet coffee taste and aroma match with cookies and the almond texture is also a good accent.

Milk sugarIt is a standard cookie that tastes butter and fragrant wheat. Although the slightly sweet taste is strong, the taste of milk widens to the mouth, Good.

Chocolate StreetIt is the cookie with the strongest chocolate taste as it seems. Because I ate it last, I felt the taste was heavy.

LastCinnamon AlmondThe almond's crisp texture is also good accent, feeling spice is also good. The sweetness was felt slightly strong.

All you can eat is a time limit of 1 hour, but rather than eating with a spirit of "Come on! Eat!!" Rather than eating all you can eat, a group of women enjoying cookies a little while enjoying chatting for an hour There seemed to be many. It is cheap to set as much as 880 yen as you can eat, so going to eat with your hungry and going with a little sense of cafe is also an ant viking.

In addition, it is glad that you can enjoy other tastes even if you repeat, because you can change the menu of all you can eat at regular intervals.

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