A bug that caused the CPU usage rate of 'svchost.exe' to be 100% on Windows XP

ByAnn Oro

Microsoft has been using it for several monthsAnnounced that Windows XP support will be aborted on April 8, 2014I am, but Windows XPIt still accounts for about 20% of the world market shareIt is also very popular OS. A bug that the CPU usage rate of Windows XP becomes 100%NeowinIt seems that it was discovered by the community member of.

SVCHOST bug still spikes CPU at 100% 6 months ago Windows XP support cut-off - Neowin

Windows XP was released in the second half of 2001, which has already been 12 years since its launch, but still many people are using this OS. The bug that was discovered at the near end for about 6 months until the end of support is that the CPU usage rate of "svchost.exe" sticks to 100% on the computer on which Windows XP SP3 is installed.

According to the discoverer of the bug, "I do not know about other users, but when Windows Update for XP done by Microsoft was done, svchost's CPU usage rate remained 100%. Over the past two years I have been using the same Windows XP SP3 installed PC, but running Windows Update last year, checking the update contents, within 30 secondsWGAUpdates are required, followed by 100 updates. After installing them, even if you tried to download something by clicking "Install", svchost will now set the CPU usage to 100% in a few minutes. "

Neowin reports that other Windows XP users are experiencing the same phenomenon. Microsoft distributed patches in 2007 against similar bugs that svchost would make CPU utilization 100%, but this was for Windows XP SP2. A similar bug occurs in SP3, but at this time the cause is unknown. Is there distribution of correction patches for operating systems that will be discontinued in half a year ...?

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