By analyzing the four DNA information of dogs and classifying them according to breed type it will be like this

ByAllert Aalders

Analysis of the DNA of dogs revealed that genetic similarity can be divided into four groups, and the genetic similarity of each breed is graphed.

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There are roughly four genetic similarities in dogs, which can be classified as follows.

Having the DNA closest to the wolf is "WOLFLIKE (Wolf-like)"is. It is estimated that Wolflike originated in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and was the species kept from the oldest.

Shetland Sheepdog has a habit of forming herds like "HERDERS (Harder)"is. Some dards do not flock like greyhounds or pugs, but they suggest that these species were used for mating breeding species.

Having characteristics to hunt is "HUNTERS (Hunter)"is. Most hound dogs are classified as hunters.

Muscular, powerful and militant dog breeds are "MASTIFFLIKE (Mastiff like)"is. Its property is said to be suitable for military dogs and police dogs.

All of the dogs contain these four genetic features, and it is believed that various individualities and features are expressed depending on the ratio. The figure below shows 85 kinds of dogs in terms of 4 genetic features and their ratios. Red color is "Wolf-like", skin color is "Harder", blue is "Hunter", green is "Mastiff like" .

For example "PomeranianIf this is the graph. It has a lot of mastiff like, and you can see that Hunter's characteristics are also strong.

Let's take a closer look at genetic features.

·Shiba Inu
The most wolflike pedigree is the dog that is representative of Japan "Shiba Inu". It is a fearless face like a wolf as it is said.

By the way, Wolf - like second place is "Chow Chow". This is not quite like a wolf, but it seems to be genetically like Wolf.

·Beldian Sheepdog
Having the most heritable genetic characteristics is "Beldian Sheepdog (Belgian Sheepdog)". As a shepherd dog also convinced results.

ByAnne McCormack

·Cocker Spaniel
The hunter is the mostCocker Spaniel". It is a remnant that was active and I like playing it was a bird hound dog.

The most mastiffic thing is not mastiff ...... but "boxer".

By the way, "Mastiff" of the head family is like this.

ByMark Robinson

Other representative breeds are as follows.



·German Shepherd

·Golden retriever

ByRob Kleine

·Labrador retriever

·Great Dane



·Siberian Husky

Classification based on genetic similarity is expected to be useful for grasping the characteristics of dogs and for bleeding new breeds that were characteristic in their characteristics.

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