Paper that can make of "Rick Diaz" coming out of Z Gundam with a total length of about 5 cm can be DL

Mobile Suit of Mobile Suit wearing in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is a new work by Wxy Pipi who made a paper craft and released a paper pattern on the theme of Gundam series and DanboRick Diaz"Was deformed to a total length of about 5 cm was made. Besides being able to download pattern paper, a simple movie of how to assemble is also released.

5cm Gundam V4 - 图 紙 发布 - WXY | PAPER - Paper scale production day

Wxy Pipi's 5cm Gundam V2 previously produced can be seen from the following articles.

A self-manufacturable paper craft that deformed Gundam to about 5 cm "5 cm Gundam V 2" - GIGAZINE

This is Rick Diaz of 5 cm in length. It is made from 6 sheets of A4 paper.

A side view.

Behind the scenes.

There are two kinds of coloring, red and blue.

Three types of Gundam, Gun Cannon, and GuntankAnd it is like this.

Wxy PipiI completed modelingJuly 29th. It took about 2 days to model the model.

And I made the pattern paperAugust 19.

For white paper patterns, color paper is required separately, so two types of paper patterns with color and no color are prepared. Here are the patterns that are colored in four colors: blue, red, gray, and light gray.

The following pattern paper without color.

Incidentally,Actually download the patternIt is also possible to produce a paper craft.

Click the green "Download" button to start downloading.

The assembling method can be confirmed from the following movie. Although the movie takes about two minutes, it is said that actual assembly takes time.

5 cm Gundam ver. 4.0 Instruction on Vimeo

First, cut the parts from the paper pattern.

The part written in solid line in the part is a mountain fold mark.

So I will make the solid line part mountain folding next.

The valley fold line is a dotted line.

Follow the display to make a valley fold.

A further fine dotted line is a place to put parts and parts together.

Let's stick together using glue etc.

It is necessary to hollow out the part painted black.

Let's cut through using a cutter etc.

Where the black circle is attached ......

Make sure to let it get inside.

A circle not painting inside ... ...

Attach it so that it goes out.

When each part is completed, check with the movie and assemble parts and parts numbered like "R1" "W1" "G1".

Since the detailed explanation of the movie is omitted for the purpose of improving the tempo, we will proceed with assembly while pausing.

We will complete each part ...

We will combine the assembled parts such as the head, arms, legs, torso etc.

Looking back is like this.

It is completed.

Wxy Pipi also besides thisDanboYaCardboard battle boostEpsilon etc, various paper crafts were created,There are things that make it possible to download pattern paper.

Cardboard battle boost epsilonIt is like this.


Rear view

In addition, epsilon pattern does not seem to be released at the present time.

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