Is it possible for someone to look like Barbie?


BarbieSpeaking of dolls popular as girls playing toys, in UkraineA woman remodeling like a living Barbie dollHowever, how far is the Barbie doll shape from the real woman actually?

Nickolay Lamm »Artist and Researcher Nickolay Lamm» Artist and Researcher

By saying that,What if Barbie is average shape?, Made by artist Nickolay Lamm is a realistic Barbie doll made based on the size of a 19 - year - old American American. The body shape isAmerica Disease Control Center(CDC) based on the data.

Looking from the side like this.

I feel like I changed my face.

Barbie of this average shape first creates a 3D model based on CDC data and shoots 3D models side by side next to Barbie on the market,He said that he processed it to be Barbie doll using Photoshop. If you see a 3D model without decoration, you can see more clearly the difference in body shape.

Behind the scenes.

Previous researchIt is clear that the probability of being the same shape as Barbie is 1/10000, Barbie's boyfriend, Ken, is 1/50, so Barbie's figure is unrealistic and discriminates against women By being connected,A protest is held in front of Barbie Dreamhouse opened in Berlin, such as being able to light Barbie dollsSometimes.

To what extent Barbie's figure is unrealistic is the followingInfographicsIt seems to be understood from.

Barbie's neck, for example, is two times longer than the average female and 15 cm thinner than it is, so you can not support your head with your neck. Since there are not enough space for the internal organs to enter because the waist is only about 40 cm, the feet are almost child size, it is impossible to walk a biped foot so it is necessary to walk four feet with limbs.

What is the probability of finding an anorexic woman, a model, Barbie, a person with three types of figures? Comparing the fact that it is different for each part, it looks like the following. There is probability that women with Barbie's neck are one in 4.3 billion people and one in 13 people, but the upper arm is 1 in 6,700, the forearm in 1, 87,812, the wrist is 164 billion One person in person, in case of waist is one person in 2.4 billion people.

In the case of the lower body, if the ass is one in 600,000, one in the thighs is one in 22,000, the calf is in one in 642, the ankle in one in 19 million, the ratio of the waist and the butt One in 3,300,000 people, the proportion of chest and waist is impossible even if it thinks about, the ratio of chest and butt is one in 6380 people.

Nickolay Lamm says, "We should look to the possibility that Barbie has a negative influence on girls, and a realistic figure of Barbie is actually quite cute, it is negative to girls If Barbie has the possibility of having an influence and Barbie of the average shape looks nice, what is it that disturbs making Barbie like that? "HaFhenton PostI told you.

Nickolay Lamm also added "What if Barbie, Bratz, Disney Princess were snappy?I am creating a work with the theme of "Theme.

After the makeup on the left, the right is a snappy state. Barbie, a snug fit that puts a forcible instrument on her teeth ......

It seems quite likely that it will be such a face if I drop the makeup.

As expected.

Even though it was a princess ... ....

The eye size is half.

BratzThe doll was also heavy make-up.


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