Summary of mobile phones other than smartphones announced at au's new product launch

Au presentation 2013 WinterIn addition to smart phones, a variety of new products such as au mobile phones, digital photo frames, and Anshin GPS have been announced.


MARVERA (Marbella)

GRATINA (Gratina)

Anshin GPS (GIPS)

The strongest mobile router "Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2 +" compatible with "WiMAX 2 +", "WiMAX" and "4 G LTE" appears | 2013 | KDDI CORPORATION


Digital photo frame supporting Full SegPHOTO-U TVArrived at the exhibition booth.

PHOTO-U TV is waterproof and can record, and can also enjoy smartphone video with wireless output. The memory is 1 GB and the capacity is 4 GB, the size is 267 mm × 191 mm × 21 mm, the weight is 837 g.

This is PHOTO-U TV and dedicated remote control.

The dedicated remote control is a simple design.

You can wirelessly output the video being played on the smartphone.

Television program recording reservation is also possible.

The back is like this.

The power button is on the back.

Power port · Maintenance dedicated port · Earphone jack · SD card slot is located at the bottom of the back. The release date is in mid-December 2013.

Next is Kyocera 's a mobile phone "GRATINA"MARVERA'S exhibition booth.

◆ MARVERA (Marbella)

First of all, from MARVERA. Unfortunately MARVERA is currently under development and has only placed mocks.

MARVERA has a camera with about 8.08 million pixels · 3.2 inch high definition liquid crystal.

There are three colors of white, pink and black. MARVERA is scheduled to be released in early December 2013.

◆ GRATINA (Gratina)

GRATINA, already on sale from September 14, 2013,Smart Sonic ReceiverEquipped.

This is GRATINA.

You can choose from 5 different colors, orange, pink, yellow green, white, black.

Paccat and open.

The key that sticks to ease of pushing is like this.

On the back is a camera with 8.08 million pixels.

Left side.


Bottom side.

The right side is like this.

◆ Anshin GPS (Jp.)

continue"Anshin GPS'S booth.

Since Anshin GPS is under development, only mocks were exhibited.

The Anshin GPS can be set in advance with a smartphone and can search the position. Also, in case of emergency, it has a function to let you know whereabouts with buzzer, and has step count and calorie measurement function.

Anshin GPS size is smaller than the caramel box, about 53 mm × 14.3 mm × 42 mm.

MicroUSB port on the right side.

SECOM characters are engraved on the back. In addition, it is said that Anshin GPS will be released in early December 2013.

◆ "Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2 +"

It was announced on September 30, 2013Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2 +Was also exhibited.

Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2 + will be on sale on October 31, 2013.

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