Tell JJ · Abrams "Four Rules That Do not Ruin Star Wars"

The director of Star Wars episode 7 will be decided as J · J · Abrams known as "Star · Trek Into · Darkness" · "M: i: III ·" and the work will be released in 2015. Although Star Wars was originally conceived by George Lucas as a work of all nine copies, due to various circumstances "New trilogy" from 1st to 3rd part · " It was supposed to be completed in the former trilogy, "so Star Wars fans decided the new work was big news.

However, there seems to be some Star Wars fans of the past year that JJ Abrams worried about how to organize screenplays and produce movies.Four rules to make Star Wars again a wonderful work again"On Anime Movie on YouTube and tells Abrams a fan message saying" Do not ruin Star Wars "as you ask.

Dear JJAbrams

4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again - YouTube

"I wrote four rules that I can refer to in order to make Star Wars again a wonderful work to Dear JJ Abrams."

"Rule 1: the stage is undeveloped frontier area"

"The stage of Star Wars is not a big city"

"It is not Empire (Empire)"

"It is not even in the library"

"The stage of Star Wars is the frontier of the frontier"

"A planet far from civilization is the stage"

"Smugglers and ... ..."

"The world where Bounty Hunter is falling down"

"Star Wars is a Western movie with a frontier planet on stage"

"Rule 2: The future is outdated"

"Star Wars'sbeautyIt is not a beautiful thing or a piece that is expressed in the latest equipment. "

"Star Wars'sbeauty,DirtIt is expressed in "

"The world of scrap"

"That is the beauty of the frontier planet."

"Rule: 3 Force is mysterious"

"The concrete explanation is not always necessary"

"Force with great power ... ...."

"Same sense as magic"

"Force is the power of a mystery"

"Rule 4: Star Wars is not cute"

"When you go to a dangerous bar ... ...."

"I lose my arm"

"If you try to overcome debt ... ...."

"It will be frozen by carbon, the frontier planet is a dangerous place"

"Star Wars is absolutely not cute"

"Even more, you do not need silly depictions"

"Characters made for children ... ...."

"It is not necessary for Star Wars!"

"And Han Solo always shoots the pistol first"

"Dear J · J · Abrams"

"Please do not mess up Star Wars as you ask"

"Four rules to make Star Wars again a wonderful work again"Movie producers love the former trilogy, and many depictions as if they were disappointed in the new trilogy were seen. In addition, Abrams' director, in his own workLens FlareAbout excessive use ofAn apology expressedAs I have done, Star Wars Episode 7 is a movie that I can not wait to see whether it will be finished in a work that can meet the expectations of the fans of the past year.

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