UQ WiMAX 2 + compatible touch-controllable Wi-Fi router haste photo review

"September 30, 2013 was held"WiMAX 2+ service launch meeting, It is announced that the new service "WiMAX 2+" starts at the maximum downlink speed of 110 Mbps, along with that, the launch of the new Wi-Fi router "Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2 + HWD 14" is also announced at the same time.

Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2+ HWD 14 | UQ WiMAX - UQ WiMAX providing ultra high speed mobile internet WiMAX 2+

Arrived at the exhibition space. People are clustered with a foggy.

Existing models currently on sale are displayed.

Next to the existing model is the new Wi - Fi router "Wi - Fi WALKER WiMAX 2 + HWD 14", you can choose from two colors of red and gray.

The main body size is 100 × 62 × 15.5 mm and fits snugly into the hand. The weight is about 140 g.

The touch can be operated on the screen, and in the normal mode setting of the menu, it is possible to select from three communication modes "high speed", "high speed plus area", and "no limit" according to the application.

The three communication modes and communication methods are as follows.

MicroSD slot · Reset button · Power button on the right side of the main unit.

MicroSD slot reset button is like this.

MicroUSB port on the left side · Micro IC card slot.

Open up and check the Micro IC card slot.

Bottom side.

The rear is such a feeling, the battery can not be removed. The battery is 3000 mAh and continuous communication time is about 9 hours.

In the exhibition space, a WiMAX 2 + speed demo has been implemented, with reception MAX at 99.995 Mbps, reception average at 99.431 Mbps, demonstrating the power of "WiMAX 2+".

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