Seriously build a transport system of 'Tooth Fairy' where tooth replaces money


In Japan it is customary to throw missing teeth to the roof or under the floor, but depending on the countryLet the dog eat or keep it in memoryThere are also places. In Europe and the United States, putting missing teeth in the bottom of a pillow and going to bedTooth fairyThere are many legends that the next morning will convert it into money, but in the world where the population continues to increase, the tooth fairy does not visit the teeth of 7 billion people to collect teeth, but the source of the tooth fairy It is more constructive to send teeth to her teeth and a machine that realizes the next generation generation of tooth fairy developed by Jeff Highsmith is "Tooth fairy pneumatic transport system"is.

MAKE | Making Fun: Pneumatic Transport for Tooth Fairy

You can see how the actual "tooth fairy" transport system is constructed from the following movie.

Making Fun: Tooth Fairy Tooth Transport - YouTube

Highsmith saw that the teeth of the child were grazing and realized that they got a chance to make the "fairy of teeth" experienced by the child clearer and send the missing teeth to the tooth fairy I decided to make a system.

The system has a single board computerRaspberry PiIs used,Tumult HypeCreate HTML5 animation with. I showed on the iPhone as an application how the deciduous teeth are carried between the tooth fairy and the house. Then, using a vacuum cleaner, we connected PVC tubes at two points so that teeth can come and go between the two doors, making it operable remotely.

Firstly I created a station that accepts teeth and sends money to each of my two sons.

Highsmith had the experience of building a house and there was no problem when passing the pipe through the wall, but if you avoid the dangers of piping and electrical systems, He said that he could place a pipe on the bottom.

Use flexible PVC material for pipe.

I use a bottle of a size that fits the pipe in the capsule for carrying the baby teeth.

It is the size that LEGO dolls fit perfectly.

Next cut the pipe and create a station to receive teeth tooth.

Make a door ......

Stuff the PVC sheet so that the capsule stops at the correct position.

A mini-sized vacuum cleaner is controlled by Raspberry Pi.

The station is usually covered with a door so that children do not use it arbitrarily.

Operation is a mechanism to connect the iPhone which is not used to the Raspberry Pi via Wi-Fi.

So I will actually test.

Tumult HypeIn addition to teeth fairies as interfaces of the application made with Santa ClausEaster BunnyThere are buttons. Pushing the tooth fairy ... ....

Hold the handle of the valve horizontally · Open the door with the capsule · Put teeth in the capsule · Put the capsule in the pipe · Turn on the switch, how to use it is written.

A child who encapsulates a block imitating a baby tooth.

Return the capsule into the pipe.

Pressing the switch ...

The state that the capsule is moving from home to the house of the fairy of the tooth was displayed.

Children who look happy.

At the other station ......

The capsule aspirated by the vacuum cleaner was delivered.

Take out the imitation teeth from inside.

And put coins as jacks instead.

Return the capsule to the pipe ... ....

Hold the handle horizontally.

Finally close the door firmly.

"Are you ready to receive capsules?" Highsmith.

Nods looking at the child and turns the handle vertically.

Close the pipe door.

Turn the switch on again.

On the contrary, the appearance of the capsule being carried from the tooth fairy home to your home will be shown on the display.

Open the pipe door and take out the capsule.

When opening the capsule, jackalade and coins came out from inside.

When transportation is over, lock the door firmly and finish.

Since the valves of each station move manually instead of auto, Raspberry Pi does not need to control the air direction, and the air flow is determined by the opening and closing of valves and doors. The code actually written in Raspberry PiMAKEIt is open to the public.

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