I have eaten "Halloween donuts I came back" of Krispy Cream · Donut raising Halloween

From September 11th (Wednesday) we treated Jack Lantern 's face "Caramel Halloween Jack", Using a sweet potato"Murasaki Imo Mont Blanc"Orange peel is on it and chocolate expresses a spider's web"Orange Chocolate SpiderIt seems to be autumn "Apple pie tea latteAs it is a new release, I went to eat at once.

Krispy Kreme Donuts | Campaign

Arrived at the store of Crispy · Cream · Donut.

A poster advertising a new product is affixed to the shop front.

Donuts are sliding in the showcase.

Three kinds of newly released donuts are listed in the most prominent position.

Order new items side by side at checkout

The board on the register also appeals the new item Halloween donuts.

Receive 3 donuts at the cash register and wait Two items of drink arrived in 2 ~ 3 minutes.

Caramel Halloween Jack (over 220 yen including tax) with an overwhelming presence. Jack Lantern 's face is cute a bit eerily.

The face of Jack Lantern is drawn with orange colored pumpkin chocolate and brown chocolate.

The back side looks like this,Chocolate custardThe same donut fabric seems to be used.

When you try it you have plenty of caramel custard cream and it is sweet and savory taste. The face of Jack Lantern on the surface is pumpkin chocolate, but the taste of caramel custard cream is main than the presence of chocolate, the taste of pumpkin is hardly felt. The sweetness is not felt in the dough cloth, and the sweetness of the cream fits well with the soft donut cloth without sweetness.

Murasaki Imo Mont Blanc (200 yen including tax) is also a colorful donut using purple potato.

Pumpkin dice, sweet potato cream, sweet potato milk cream are used topping on the donut.

The presence of the purple cream is strong, while the sweet cream, the taste of the sweet potatoes is not crushed, it seems to be autumnish taste. The sweet potato milk cream is weaker in taste than the sweet cream, but it is more mellow cream than the cream of the sweet potato. Pumpkin dice adds the taste of pumpkin to the taste of two kinds of potatoes, and finishes the donut in a more autumnal atmosphere.

Orange Chocolate SpiderChocolate glazedWhite chocolate · orange peel was topped with a donut.

The white contrast of white chocolate on black of chocolate feels good. The color of orange peel also draws an eye.

The sweetness is the least sweet among the three items, a sour taste of orange peel is added, a refreshing taste. Just adding Orange Peel to Chocolate, it has become a taste with depth, and the impression much changes compared to Chocolate Greed.

Along with the donut Apple pie tea latte hot and ice, size ordered short (340 yen each tax included). Last year's Halloween drink was based on espresso, but this year it is tea base.

Apple pie tea latte hot is royal milk tea with apple flavor that used form milk.

It is offered with tea bags in.

The taste of soft foam milk, the taste of apple · tea is good compatibility. Sweetness is modest, it is made to feel the taste of cinnamon slightly, it does not interfere with the taste of the donut, rather it enhances the taste.

On the other hand, apple pie tea latte ice is an ice type royal milk tea, raw materials are basically together.

When drinking hot, the richness of milk stands out, but if you drink it with ice you can drink refreshed even if it contains milk. Because the impression changes with hot ice, it seems good to choose by the mood of the day and the weather.

Of course these items are on sale for a limited time, so people who want to eat are recommended to go shop early. It looks like a souvenir and so on because it looks like a donut that looks unique and will be pleased even if you bring it to a party etc.

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