People who had a strange appearance in Burning Man Fashion Show etc

It is being held in Black Rock DesertBurning manParticipants are wearing flashy costumes, while they are fucking inside the venue naked and are initially shocked, but they get used to it gradually. Therefore, it is in the venueCenter camp cafeI tried putting together those who were dressed in a strange looking at the fashion show at the moment and those who were dressed in the showy costumes encountered in the desert.

Here is the venue where the fashion show was held.

Participants will walk to the stage in the center while walking in music.

A woman wearing a silk hat and an impressive red mini skirt appeared.

I am popping up the audience on stage.

A woman wearing tights on the lower body.

A colorful skirt is conspicuous in the back.

A man who wore a jacket on rainbow-colored pants.

I was performing a handstand with one hand.

This man is wearing a net scarf net tights almost whole body.

It is a dignified atmosphere when leaving the stage.

The man who appeared with men was a woman who stuck a seal on her nipple.

The audience was showing excitement when coming to the center stage.

A man who appeared with a sexy lady carries a shell of thorns.

This is a woman wearing a white dress in a red mushroom hat.

A red hat contrasts with a white dress.

A man with a machine-like thing on the chest is full of energy.

The back is like this.

This man is looking like a flashy magician.

Expanding the orange cloak and showing off her elaborate costumes, she is very happy.

A woman with many bird feathers.

This woman was dancing a dance.

Some of the participants were dressed not to be special flashy.

However, most participants are pretty strange. This is an elderly man who wears a pirate cap in Skelke 's yellow costume.

When a woman who waved by huge ass bouncing looks back ......

I paint my face on a clown and slowly make a big breast slowly.

Sexy waitress style lady.

A woman wearing a red fur's jacket feels high pressure.

Finally, all the participants danced and the fashion show closed.

After finishing the show, I found participants when I looked behind the scenes.

Two people who decide a perfect pose.

At the center camp cafe, I met a person who was fully flashy even though I did not participate in the show. The following women wear bee-like costumes.

A couple painted whole body silver.

In the place where "Would you like to change your name to Kanji?" ......

A woman wearing a colorful hat will make her name Kanji.

In addition, there are times when you are encountering people who have dressed in strange costumes even though they desperate the desert. A woman with a horn and a head with a unicorns kept a stick like a stilt at the end of his feet and it was quite conspicuous.

A woman with a unicorn head walking with four legs.

A man who grew the corner looking at the camera.

A person who looks like a cosmic figure.

A woman who gave a red parasol danced all by herself.

A man wearing a dragon's head ... ...

Occasionally I blew a flame and amazed people around me.

Also in the evening the appearance of a flashy person who light up the whole body.

This man is not a strange costume, but he is crazy dancing with a huge radio cassette on his shoulder.

I ran away to the dance stage in a lazy stork.

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