An octopus that blows a flame and a flashy art car that was encountered in "Burning Man"

Art festival held in the Black Rock Desert in the USABurning manAs the participants decorated cars and bicycles and ran around the desert, I tried collecting the art cars encountered during the period.

An art car with a huge octopus piled up on a gorgeously decorated car.

Octopus is structured such that flames start at the head and feet at night.

The moment of sparking fire from the head.

This time from the tip of the foot.

In addition, I blew a flame from all my head and foot.

Discover Godzilla's art car.

It is said that the face is like this when it comes to night at night, but unfortunately I never encountered it again in the vast desert.

An unicorn head is mounted on the front of the car and an art car with a dance stage at the rear.

People who were on the art car were dancing in the dance music being hit by a banging sound.

Unicorn's art cars are shining flashy lights at night, and they are still overflowing with people who enjoy dancing as usual.

This is an art car shaped like a rocket.

An art car with a big dragon on the front of the car was also playing music with a loud sound.

A chair is attached to the hand part, so that people can sit down.

I also saw many dragon art cars besides the previous ones.

There was also an art car that used a pirate ship as a motif.

Looking from the side like this.

The bottom part of the ship is decorated with waves designed.

The art car of the pirate ship was lighted up at night, music was played with loud sounds, and on the second floor part, people who enjoyed dancing were also seen.

There are other art cars using a ship as a motif, and this is a thing of a motor boat.

People dancing on the ship are wearing a life jacket.

The day when we shot the motor boat art car, the wind is strong and the huge environment that the front becomes almost invisible with soaring sand.

This is a ship named Gypsy Queen ......

Sexy older sisters are dancing out on board.

There was also a semi-naked woman who enjoyed hula hoop near the ship.

It is the art car that made fish look approaching from afar.

Looking at the face of the fish from the side it looks like this.

A wild man is in the car.

Scales of the body part were reproduced firmly.

This is a snail art car.

An art car designed like building a big house is running in the desert.

The art car pulled a small ride on which a man was riding with a rope.

Inside of a car that looks like having fun.

It appeared in Alice in WonderlandCheshire Cat.

I have a look with a grin.

Besides cats, there was also a slightly different decorative art car.

The face whose fangs and tongue are popping out of the mouth wearing a crown is madness itself.

Besides the big one, a small art car was running around the venue. An art car with a big impact on a pink body and a big wheel.

Orange tiger pattern things ... ....

It is an art car that shyly attached a woman's nude to the front.

There was even lighting up at night.

Even just walking around Black Rock City at the Burning Man venue with Urouro, you can pass a considerable number of art cars and it is also one of the highlights of Burning Man that you can just enjoy watching.

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