Kit kit official website became aware of Android 4.4 and Droid appeared

Google announced that it changed the code name of the next Android (Android 4.4) to "KitKat". Since KitKat is a trademark of Nestle, Google has attached this name with permission from Nestle and "Kitcut made Droid Kun" has also appeared, but on one of Nestle's side, the kit cut official site page The design has been changed to be something that considers Android 4.4.


When accessing the site, "Kit Kat 4.4", "The future of confectionery had arrived." (The future of sweets arrives) "and a copy that was caught by KitKat becoming the name of Android 4.4 is used.

As it is, the site is made to scroll downwards, and it is a place you can not imagine a very sweet site ... ....

It should be a kit cut site ... ....

It seems to be "cloud based" because it has a sense of flavor that seems to float to the top of the cloud (cloud).

KitKat 4.4 is perfect for "accessories" like coffee

SophisticatedPraline· Crispy wafers · I want you to enjoy a kit cut which is a seamless "unibody" structure using the only chocolate. Unibody is a word commonly used in publicity such as iPhone 5.

Specification which I can not think of sweets.

When I look down to the bottom, a droid droid appears and a kit cut of the drooled package is drawn. The package comes with the right to get Nexus 7 and Google Play tickets.

In addition, on this site gimmick that droid appears in typing "haveabreak" which is a catch copy of kitcut is also installed.

A movie that explains "KitKat 4.4" to Majima here is here. If you do, you can see the attitude to do thoroughly everywhere.

Android KITKAT 4.4 - The future of confectionery - YouTube

The site of Android KitKat is here. After looking at the kitcut's official website it's as simple as thinking "just this one".

Android KitKat

I wonder if they are going to try various things until the release.

◆ 2013/09/05 14:39 Addendum
It turned out that "Android KitKat" which collaborated with Google also was released in Japan. The package looks something like this.

Also, in accordance with the 40th anniversary campaign of "Nestle Kit Cut" in Japan, collecting entry targets and applying for entries will result in a gift campaign in which 3,000 people win a set of "Google Nexus 7" and "Google Play 500 yen" as a set It will be carried out from 5th.

Since "Android Cupcake" released in 2009, Android has been named sweets in alphabetical order, Mark Banlabber, Google Android marketing director about adoption of "kit cut" this time, "kit cut is It is a sweet that has been loved by team members since the development of Android, and there is nothing more appropriate for the name of the latest OS ".

· Continued
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