"Center camp cafe" that feels incompatible with using money is like this

Festival to be held in the desertBurning manEating habits are basically a mechanism that brings in food by themselves or a feast for people camping and getting from people who are acting food on the street, but at the venue there is a burning man There is also a cafe managed by the official of. As it is a nomadic gel like appearance, I was able to purchase drinks, watched art works and performers, and was able to dance freely, so I went and saw what it was like to go.

This is the "center camp cafe" operated by the official of Burning Man. A flag is set on the roof, it looks like a gel that nomads live on.

The inside looks like this.

When entering the cafe, I found a counter where I can purchase drinks at once.

Basically money exchange is prohibited in the venue, but coffee, tea, hot chocolate and chai etc. are provided for a fee here.

A mechanism to purchase drinks at a cashier counter.

There are sofas and desks everywhere in the cafe.

People can freely dance and move the body in the center of the cafe.

On the stage is the figure of an artist who plays instruments.

A DJ booth right next to it.

Several long desks were also set up in the cafe.

What kind of people are participating in the burning man? A place to investigate.

A note is placed on the desk, what do you like to do with your name, birthplace · gender · burning man? We will write information such as.

There was also a bingo on another desk.

There are art spaces where artists will exhibit their works.

There is also an object.

After drinking the drink, turn the cup upside down and skewer the iron bar.

The ice that flowed when the cup was turned over and the remaining drinking etc had become a mechanism which accumulated in the lower bucket.

Cafe is open 24 hours. If you get accustomed to not having to exchange money, when you buy a drink you are going to have money from bags in a hurry, "you have gold?", But the desert dries in the morning and evening It is surprisingly thirsty, so you can be relieved only by knowing the place where you can get drinks without fail if you go here.

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