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From September 1st every Sunday at 22:30 a robot animation "Gigantic Gogue'Live free delivery will be done on Bandai Channel. This is a total height of about 310 mm from a thousand dolls "Thousand prison x T-REX gigantic gogIt is a celebration to be released.

"Gigantic Gogue" is a work planned as "a huge robot as a friend of a child" dare while increasing number of real-oriented robot animations since the Gundam, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, known for character design of Mobile Suit Gundam · He served as director and character designer.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

"Fireworks nationwide nationwide" of Akita Omagari where 2,000 fireworks color the night sky Photo & amp; Movie Report - GIGAZINE

I went to the cafeteria of the US Marine Corps base "Campfoster" - GIGAZINE

Picture summary which Futemate Base's candidate relocation destination "Henoko" is well understood as such place - GIGAZINE

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Nebutama: ★ That naming is masui! - Livedoor blog

Voices shouting between men in the immediate vicinity are: ぁ ゃ ι ぃ (* ゚ ゚) NEWS 2nd

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: part of rust with way of sounding Tsukutsuku-cho - livedoor blog

I tried to compare it with the popular people of the trend now to get as many people to know the epsilon rocket. Well, really compact. Epsi ... on Twitpic

I rescued the glue that stuck to the nubra - Togetter

There are some images that are very famous but still laughing ...: Oh no, it was awesome

The most cool battleship in Japan is the battleship Nagato: I'm curious - chan

[Image] Oshuga folded www: Kini speed

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Relationship between bio and information science - Togetter

Ebola hemorrhagic fever, success in primate recovery after onset US research international news: AFPBB News

Supercomputer "Kyo", Discovery of Anticancer Drug Candidates Continuously: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Current affairs dot com: memory consolidation, detailed mechanism elucidation = new working discovery of transmitted substances at the cranial nerve junction - The University of Tokyo

It is thought that synaptic organization by GABA also works in brain functions other than memory, and it is also occurring in the growing period when the language develops. Also, in mental disorders such as autism and schizophrenia, synaptic organization by GABA may not be progressing well, and this finding is useful for elucidating the mechanism.

Kuroda Official wife's name is "Mitsu" or NHK News

Resurrected Japanese solid rocket 'Epsilon': Nikkei Business Online

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【New rocket】 "Believe it will succeed" Thousand paper cranes, special lunch box ... Launch on 27th local time excitement + (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News

CNN.co.jp: 80% of murders are fake acting crime, violent crime is declining tone statistics

Trouble at LINE? Group assault, five boys and others arrested: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi Shimbun Digital: "Patient, money intelligent" referral business, fear of overdose treatment - society

Patients who live in elderly facilities are often consulted by doctors recommended by the facility. People introduction Most people are not noticed, even if they are built into business and "traded". Besides that, there is also the possibility of receiving excessive medical care and lowering medical standards.

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Elderly Patient Introduction Business Rampant "Teacher has a good story ..." - Society

There is no regulation of laws and regulations, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare launched consideration of regulation as "the act of buying a patient with money is inappropriate".

Defendant who hit an infant on the street, requested himself to death. International News: AFPBB News

Developed "Sapporo No. 1", Mr. Takeki Ida: Death: News: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Re-employment support, in fact personnel "Decorations for accepting" - Economy · Money

Consider exclusion of the purpose for reporting from subjects of penalties Government in a secret protection bill - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

CNN.co.jp: An 8-year-old boy shot an elderly woman, until immediately before violent video game rice

U.S. NSA, wiretapping within the United Nations Headquarters is also wiretap ... German: International: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

The United States has signed an agreement with the United Nations not to intercept communications within the United Nations. If the report is true, the United States has been in breach of the agreement.

German magazine 'Eavesdropping Information Agencies at the United Nations' NHK News

In addition, Spiegel says that NSA officials set up antennas etc. in confidentiality at about 80 American embassies and consulates around the world, and received call information.

Senior citizen business, safety report and shopping agency in Japan Post: News: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Osaka · Umeda flood: shutter opening mall flooded panic condition - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

According to the Osaka Daily Telescope, in Osaka city, 49 millimeters of rain fell on this day, 11 hours 3 minutes. Especially 27.5 mm was concentrated in 10 minutes up to 10:55, exceeding the drain capacity of the area.

Saddle of female bicycle Suspected 200 people "I want to snuff" - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Former manager, from "2 chan" after "transfer" Advertisement fee: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Newspaper)

Advertising revenue of the bulletin board about 3, even after 2009 when Mr. Hiroyuki Nishimura (36), a former administrator of the Internet bulletin board "2channel" announced that it had "transferred" the right to manage and operate the bulletin board to the overseas corporation The story of the stakeholders showed that he had received 50 million yen.

2 Channel: Mr. Nishimura, former manager, leaked about 100 million yen not declared - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Mr. Nishimura sent the document from the Metropolitan Police Department in December 2012 on suspicion of negotiating a narcotics special law violation (Aomori, suggesting) as a neglect to write a letter asking for the purchase and sale of stimulants, but this year the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors failed to prosecute There was. However, it seems that there was a "tax notice" that provides tax investigation information to taxing authorities in the case of discovering back money etc. in the investigation process, and the Tokyo National Taxation Bureau said that the Tokyo National Taxation Bureau We were conducting a survey including net affiliate "Tokyo Plus".

2channels former administrator posted 100 million yen declassification Advertisement revenue after transfer - MSN Sankei News

Incomprehensive income tax including taxes such as overdelivery addition tax is about 30 million yen. Mr. Nishimura already filed a correction and it seems that he has paid.

Prosecution charged reporters for unauthorized access NHK News

Also, Kyodo News Agency social director Masashi Ishikura said, "It is clear that it is an interview to approach the truth, even if there is a possibility of contacting the law on the form, the result that explains to the investigative authorities and gained understanding I am thinking. "

Photographed cooking meal with smartphone, cook who posted FB: News: Net & Digital: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Since the anonymous report was received, the city education board commenced investigation. The cook said, "Since about April, I posted chicken stocks for 4 or 5 times, etc. I also wanted many people to know the wonder of Ueda city's school lunch preparation, I did not think it would be a problem It is said that they are talking to them.

Sakai Tram: Started commercial operation of low floor type vehicle 5 round trips a day - Mainichi Newspaper (daily newspaper)

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Pier, Mekimeki and Sound Into Muddy Flow JR Sanjiang Line - Society

"Two stories" Good visibility! ... Toyama Basement Iron: Toyama: Hokuriku: Railway News: New Adult Research Institute: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

[FT] India Tata car, struggling with intensified competition with major overseas companies: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Tata 's share in the Indian automotive market fell to an order of magnitude, almost halved since the peak seven years ago. Earnings declined by as much as 80%, and it is being attacked by major overseas rival companies in the company's field of expertise.

Young people who do not have a relationship, 60% of men and 50% of women: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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CoCo Ichigaya The Grand Menu revised for the first time in ten years, a new menu, a resurrection topping also! - Golden Times

Everyday Nanchara Speed: If you look at the Pokemon movie, the brat is making noise so be careful of Monde as a fire disease

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Kanku, advance Islamic compassionate worship room Increase meal also - economy · money

One last word to me in the hospital escaping the last train - VIP

【Image】 Passion to photograph of photographer wwwwwwww (39 sheets)

Living in the same world as the popular drama "Naoki Hanzawa" And everyone gets flipped ... Active banker Anonymous roundtable The truth is so scary "The work of a bank clerk" | The blind spot of the economy | Modern business [Kodansha]

I am a personnel officer of a venture company

Beyond the door Anime world Kyoto municipal subway is "Cosplay train": Kyoto Shimbun

I cooked curry for Japanese army recipe reference wwwwwwwwwww

When a low educated world and a highly educated world meet, a huge golden stretch spreads there. Worship

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What is the risk of explicit language seen in the Delphi language? (2013/08/24)

【In flames】 Entering inside the rice mill and "Rice mill rice lol", being careful, the students of Miyagi prefecture Shiogama High School rage "Do not leave" or "Ira Tsuku" a big counterattack! - Togetter

Why are fire blowouts and demands for reparation increased, will they repeat criminal prosecution and stupid exposure photograph cases on the net? - Togetter

How to distinguish flow line trouble - Togetter

I heard that obstacles are occurring in OCN and it is a good opportunity so I tried to break up how to break out obstacles like infrastructure engineers.
It is for Windows users to the last (Of course, in reality there are other ways of doing it in the environment and more various perspectives, but it caught on)

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Twitter】 Customer opened at the source container in the nose at the Okonomiyakiya" Dobonbori "Public Photo → Large Doppler Up - Livedoor Blog

【Baccatta】 Next rides on the table where the bread is placed & enters the refrigerator

About the blog writing beginning and the blog media posted this week | About the cloud works president Koichiro Yoshida's blog

On open sourcing as a countermeasure against foreign interference to VPN Gate - 2013 - 08 - 23 - SoftEther VPN diary of Tsukuba University graduate computer science major

The VPN Gate project is popularly used from countries where "firewall for censorship" exists. Speaking of censorship firewalls, some Asian countries are famous, but there are other countries in the world with tight restrictions by censorship firewalls in 11 countries. In these countries, the government prohibits citizens from accessing Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. as an example. Even in countries where censor firewalls are not installed, there are countries where all HTTP communication histories are recorded in ISPs or countries where strict real names are required for the use of the Internet. In these countries, people are not only actively sending specific political information via the Internet, but simply by browsing the site on which specific political information is posted, that's what ISP It remains in the log and there is a risk of being subject to disadvantageous treatment such as unjust questioning by public power afterwards. VPN Gate is used from such countries abroad to help improve knowledge of these people and protect against human rights violations from the government.

However, there are many obstacles such as DoS attacks on VPN Gate and sending intimidation sentences etc. Many of them are thought to be indirectly commanded and implemented by censorship authorities in the country where censorship firewalls are located. Therefore, this time, we introduce the method of disturbing VPN Gate and describe the countermeasures prepared for the case that interference by these interferers should succeed in the case of VPN Gate.

NHK news surveillance with lifting of drug net sales

Hate of overheating: junior high and high school students, protest motive Demonstration funny - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Thoughts on smartphone UI (extra edition) Why does the application break if I continue adding functions? | Fladdict

US MS Palmer "The greatest regret is vista ARE is garbage trash and honestly. I am sorry." Vista kitchen ": Gadget 2 ch -2 channel summary -

"Illegal pacification application" chasing the manufacturer (Ichiro Yamamoto) - Individual - Yahoo! News

I went to the blogger summit 2013. It's amazing how pure bloggers gather 1000 people in a row or something.

A figure of being misleading in the news report. By examining it, information literacy rises dramatically. - luckdragon 2009 - Daily sketchbook

Notice: Notice of management company change accompanying business transfer :: Handmade community cooboo [こ う ぼ ー]

Twitter / bbbaaannn24: 中2病だからみんなでパトカー荒らしてきたぜー http:// ...

I am thankful for the multi-device era! This kind of irritation

Let's use light and high-performance online software DAW, Reaper: Ken Fujimoto's "DTM station"

If you are an engineer, why should you run one of your web servers yourself and how to choose a server environment - akiyan.com

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StarChild: Miss · Monochrome - The Animation -

[Image] Tezuka Osamu Monster too much Warota www It is not likely to win in Oda

【Boy Ace A】 Manga version "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" serialized for 8 years Next time (November issue) Last event! | Otaku.com

Asahi Shimbun Digital: "Barefoot Gen", the best 10 in the Amazon Reprint - Society

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Hatsune Miku is there! 3D performance "Summer Festival Hatsune Kagaku" begins - Tech & Science

Asahi Shimbun Digital: My Chiba is so popular ... Fans 'Holy Land Pilgrimage' - Culture

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Inside the car is an animation heaven Kyoto Municipal Subway 100 people - Kyoto - Region

【Image】 Arai Keiichi's illustration stuck

Ship There is only one epoch making place of this. - There is nothing wrong with just a note.

Like other social games, it is not that "you can play even with no charge (but you can not really get the top characters)", but not "you can get to the top characters and play without charge It is truly an epoch making. I do not think I'd do it, think normally.

"News Watch 9" Interview with Hayao Miyazaki by Okoshi Caster - Togetter

Reservation for "Titania" Volume 4 began. : A daily work of a writer's secretary

It will be a new record for the first time in 22 years, but the next volume (probably will be completed in this Volume 5) is a new publication of "Arslan Battle Writing" which is now writing It is about to start as soon as I write it up.

What was Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha so much? : Wanko Breaking News!

67: Here and below, VIP will send you a nameless: 2013/08/17 (Sat) 02: 31: 44.12 ID: 2Y3 / vp3NP
Hot battle and friendship of pretty girl What other things are necessary

IBI @ Life is a bitch: The ship stopped it

The ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

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New Batman fans rage with B · Affleck casting, signature movement also international news: AFPBB News

On the other hand, there are people who defend appointment of Affleck. Travis Langley, a professor of psychology professionals who has a book on Batman and psychology, told Twitter, "I want you to remember," Michael Keaton is unable to play Batman "" Heath · leisure (Heath Ledger) is impossible for the role of "Joker" "Anne Hathaway (Anne Hathaway) can not act as a catwoman", and the cast which was originally criticized in the past Batman movie was finally praised Pointed out.

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Movie】 Literary version" Lupine The Third ", Mamako Fujikawa can not be found quite easily! - Livedoor blog

People who violently regret seeing movie Gachaman - Togetter

Satisfaction and dissatisfaction felt in Doujin movie "Pacific Rim"

Mr. Oshima of the 24-hour marathon It is proved by the chasing team that he was running for more than 88 kilometers: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Farewell farewell ... Keiko Fuji-san without funeral, cremation only + (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News

Mamoru Uchimura 's passion to studio control seen by "Ama - chan" parody - a little bibling of a comedian

Wrestling is Jarase or Jarase? Aho-richness of things - as unbearable

Apology and report on events on the 24th Shimizu S-Pulse game | URAWA RED DIAMONDS OFFICIAL WEBSITE

J League Section 22 At the parking lot of Shimizu S-Pulse vs. Urawa Reds' match game, four men supporters of Urawa Reds got in touch with the guards, grabbing the breasts of security guards, pushing the body of assault Under arrest, he was arrested by a witness officer at Shizuoka Prefectural Police Fukuroi Department.

These four people were going to the match venue with the large sightseeing bus arranged by volunteer supporters and headed for the match venue, but on the way, when encountering the bus where the players of Shimizu S-Pulse got on, from that bus, firecrackers etc. The fact that had been thrown has also been confirmed.

I saw the highlights of the Hanshin-Awaji match in the middle of a while, but: Pararunon

41: Wind blowing if nothing: 2013/08/23 (Fri) 22: 50: 29.66 ID: 8PFiGnj6
It 's just that the mistaken judgment increases
Admit a mistake and overturn the decision

【There is a gif image] Is the referee a big mistake again? : My sports abroad @ N

16: Wind blowing if nothing: 2013/08/25 (Sunday) 23: 04: 43.14 ID: yfo12iNv
Did you finish the game now?
28: Wind blowing if nothing: 2013/08/25 (Sunday) 23: 05: 55.10 ID: cKdoF08E
>> 16
Play ninety outs nude out nine times
A great battle that turns around ten even though it is not an extension match
I guess the referee wanted to go home again

CS losing ranking ranking wwwwwwwwwwwwww> baseball> summary Tarou! What J

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Collaboration cup noodle with anime "Soreike! Anpanman" "Anpanman ramen noodles soy sauce" New release on September 9, Monday, 2013

"Cup noodle curry" 40th anniversary commemorative potato renewal increase! "Cup noodle curry big" sequentially released from the beginning of September 2013 "cup noodle curry" "cup noodle curry curry" from the beginning of October 2013

New release of vanilla ice "Meiji Essel Super Cup Cookie Vanilla" full of large grain chocolate cookies

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