Who can make furniture by yourself "Open source furniture" and

In the field of software, "Open SourceThe concept of being general has become,FirefoxYaLinuxSoftware like cosmetic rights has gained citizenship, but there is a movement to expand that idea also to the field of furniture. Generally, manufacturing of furniture is difficult without dedicated equipment and skills, but open source development and computer technology may get rid of that barrier.

OpenDesk - Open Source Furniture - Made Locally.

On the website, furniture design data is released as "open source", so anyone can download it and process the material with his own hands to complete the furniture. Also, "partner enterprises" who are in charge of processing and assembling materials are spreading all over the world on the basis of the data, and it is also possible to have them substitute for material processing and assembly.

On the site, data such as tables and stools are released, and it is now possible to check products with 3D images.

OpenDesk - Designs - Desk

OpenDesk - Designs - Cafe

OpenDesk - Designs - Edie Stool

Data and products can be obtained from the website in four different ways.

◆ DOWNLOAD(Processing data)
You can obtain furniture design drawings in data format. Data can be read in AutoCADDWG formatOrDXF formatSince it is provided in the file, you can process it by loading data into the CNC processing machine and setting the material.

In addition, assembly manuals can also be obtained with data.

◆ SAWN(Pre-cut material parts)
Based on the above data, cut parts are supplied in the state of raw material. Those tools and materials necessary for assembly and processing are included, and those who remember in the arm can purchase this kit and assemble it.

◆ FLATPACK(Assembly kit)
IKEA style "assembly kit is available for those who do not have tools, but have assembled furniture. The wood has been processed and painted, and the parts and instructions that are necessary for assembly are enclosed.

◆ ASSEMBLED(Completed)
For those who are not confident in assembling, those who do not want to take trouble have completed items.

The more you spend trouble on your own, the more expensive it will cost. Moreover, it seems that there are times when it is only possible to offer up to "FLATPACK" in areas where partner companies are not in place.

This OpenDesk project is "WikiHouseIt is a sister-like position of the activity advocating "open source of housing" called so. The aim of this activity is to create "a form of circulation of new furniture" and to proceed with making highly transparent and sustainable (sustainable) mechanism based on digital technology.

In the community, we are looking for approved manufacturers, factories and designers, and the official website "Join OpenDeskYou can join the community on the Google Group or contact you by e-mail.

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