Carbohydrate × Carbohydrate Combination Lotteria "Okonomiyaki Burger Half Mature Tamago & Modern Wind" Tasting Review

Two kinds of "Okonomiyaki burger" sandwiching carbohydrates are released from August 19 (Monday) following Napoli Pin Burger sandwiching Napolitan. As I was concerned about a brand new hamburger like Lotteria, I went to a shop and ate at once.

~ Kotani soul food from Lotteria "Okonomiyaki" to burger! ~ "Okonomiyaki burger (half-baked egg)", "Okonomiyaki burger (modern style)" Limited release from August 19, (Monday) 2013!

Arrived at Lotteria.

Appeal new products even at stores.

I will order in line at once.

Okonomiyaki burger was at the center of the menu.

Wait 3 minutes in "Okonomiyaki burger (half-baked egg)"When"Okonomiyaki burger (modern style)Arrived. The wrapping paper is also different, the left side is semi ripe eggs 320 yen including tax, the modern style sandwiched between Chinese noodles on the right side is 290 yen including tax.

It is like this when taking out from each wrapping paper. The height does not change very much, both use the regular buns used for hamburgers.

When seeing Okonomiyaki burger (half-baked egg) from the side, you can check half-blown egg and okonomiyaki patty.

Take the upper buns and have plenty of sauce and mayonnaise.

Also toppings of semi-rich wind eggs like Okonomiyaki.

Okonomiyaki Patty is like this. Atmosphere that looks a little bit fresh-frying.

You can see something like cabbage in Patti.

In the lower buns there is even more source and mayonnaise.

I decided to eat it at once.

Since the source and mayonnaise are plentifully painted in the upper and lower buns, these tastes spread to the mouth first, then I feel the taste of the egg and okonomiyaki patty roasted wheat, but the taste of cabbage is not so much I do not feel it. Buns · Okonomiyaki Patty is raw material both wheat, so it is not incompatible even if you eat together.

Okonomiyaki wind buns also have red ginger, and the spicy of red ginger is amplifying Okonomiyaki.

Okonomiyaki burger (modern style)Noodle store Musashi ramen burgerChinese noodles are sandwiched like.

Under the upper buns are sauce, mayonnaise and cabbage, and chunks of Chinese noodles.

For Chinese noodles you can see something like pepper

Below the okonomiyaki buns there is more sauce and mayonnaise.

I will eat it.

Okonomiyaki burger (half-baked egg) 's half - breezy egg will be replaced with cabbage and Chinese noodles, but the impression does not change greatly, and the taste of sauce and mayonnaise is central. Because the taste is too similar, I want to make a slight difference such as putting baked pork or putting blue clay.

Chinese noodles are a little hardened, the moisture at the end is missing, it is more crisp than crunchy. I do not feel the taste of pepper too much.

The existence of sliced ​​cabbage is also diluted, and where I want double amount to give sweetness of cabbage. Both items become menu without meat, so the price of 290 yen, 320 yen is felt high.

Both menus are for sale for a limited time and will end as soon as the period expires. It is quite convenient to be able to eat Okonomiyaki in one hand, so I do not like to eat okonomiyaki with bread, so it is recommended for people who like okonomiyaki.

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