Reason why a neurosurgeon has changed the negative thinking for marijuana

I am a neurosurgeonCNNHe is also a medical reporterSanjay GuptaAs a result of reviewing the literature on medical marijuana published in the United States several years ago,TIMEso"Why am I against the use of marijuana?To the extent that it contributed an article called "Marijuana's use, I was against the use of marijuana. However, as a result of investigating over several years while listening to medical staff and others, they changed to thinking of affirming the use of marijuana, and the reason is disclosed at CNN.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why I changed my mind on weed -

Mr. Gupta states that he wanted to apologize for having taken a negative attitude towards marijuana without proper investigation Mr. Gupta said that patients who take medical marijuana until several years ago and merely smoke marijuana and are high He said that he wanted to make people feel like it. Also, by the US government's Drug Enforcement Bureau, marijuana is the most dangerous among regulated substance lawsSchedule IIt seems that she was taking a sweep of being classified as.

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One incident that changed Mr. Gupta 's attitude towards marijuana was encountering Charlotte Figi who suffered from a birth in a seizure. Figi was suffering from seizures that occurred 300 times in a week until 3 years old despite taking seven drugs, but when I started taking medical marijuana, the number of attacks Decreased to about two or three times a month. Mr. Gupta has heard stories from many patients besides Figi since it has been one of Figi's siblings, and he seems to want to apologize for being poorly understood about marijuana while in a medical position.

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Mr. Gupta said that marijuana, among other drugs,It is highly likely that it will be acceptable to use for medical use, and it will be highly abused"I thought that there was an absolute reason for being classified as Schedule I. The reason that marijuana was classified as schedule I is that the doctor Roger O. Egeberg submitted a document on marijuana on August 14, 1970 to the government. However, in the document submitted by Egeberg doctor, "There is a hole to consider yet in our research on marijuana, but it should be classified as Schedule I until more detailed information is known" No scientific evidence was given.

Egeberg's doctor noted that "Research on marijuana is ongoing", but that research was never completed. Furthermore, as Gupta continued the investigation, the research that Egeberg was doing was carried out 70 years ago, and it seems that the result of the research has already been done. In other words, despite the already known data, Dr. Egeberg repeated the same study.

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In about 1970 years ago in 1944, Fiorello LaGuardia Mayor of New York ordered the New York Institute of Science to conduct research on marijuana. From the results of the study, it was found that marijuana had no toxicity equivalent to cocaine and heroin. As of 2013, dependency is recognized in 9 to 10% of adult males who use marijuana, but 20% of adult users are cocaine classified as Schedule II, which is less dangerous than marijuana, Heroin is found to be poisoned by 25%. Certainly, using marijuana may result in withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety, but data shows that higher dependence than heroin or cocaine is not observed.


Until 1943, marijuana was registered as an American medication record as a pain relief of neuropathy, but as of 2013 it is generated from the fruit of opium as a pain relief of intense pain accompanying intense pain like a needle Morphine andOxycodoneIt is commonly prescribed. However, these pain relievers do not exert much effect on neuralgia. A frightening thing, in the United States that one in 19 minutes died of over prescription prescriptionInvestigation resultThere is also out. Meanwhile, the case of death due to excessive consumption of marijuana can not be found by Mr. Gupta's investigation, and more recently, 76% of physicians approve to use marijuana as a breast cancer pain relieverInvestigation resultIt is said that it is out.

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Approval is necessary as we use drugs that are illegal when scientifically studying marijuana in the United States. One of the institutions that must obtain approval to study marijuana is a negative stand against marijuanaNIDA(National Institute for Drug Abuse). Permission to research from NIDA itself has become a brute of marijuana research in the United States.

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In Spain and Israel, studies on the use of marijuana for cancer treatment are underway, and research on whether it can be used for treatment of PTSD is underway. Gupta who changed his own way of thinking from knowing these facts has promised to complete the role as a doctor to fill the lack of research on marijuana which has been going on since 1970.

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