Six important things when learning

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The importance of studying continues not only to students but also to adults. I would like to be in a posture saying "I will study more in the future" rather than to repent "I should have studied more then ...". It is said that there are six important ways of thinking about such learning. What is a useful idea for both learners and those who teach?

I've learned about the most interesting things I've learned about learning

◆ 1: Learning is much more important than promotion


Everyone has experiences that there is a problem that learned content gradually becomes difficult as the grade goes up and leave it unknown. Such unknown part is called "Swiss cheese" (parrots of defective items full of holes). When you come across Swiss cheese, it will reach the limit of learning. It is necessary to completely fill up the hole of the cheese even if it takes time taking the pace down.

◆ 2: It is important to learn essence rather than uremia

ByJason Mrachina

In superficial learning I only acquire ordinary knowledge. In order to acquire useful knowledge, it is necessary to learn the essential concepts deep down. Even if I can not understand the solution so far, I can understand if that person understands even the essence whether I can solve it when I face the same situation that the essence of the problem is the same.

◆ 3: The foundation is slowly by one person

ByPeter Voerman

Lessons that teachers and students face each other are suitable for exercises and checks, but they are not suitable for basic learning. To do basic learning, you should do it online so that students can calmly learn at their own pace when they like.

◆ 4: Start by abandoning the wrong way of thinking


Learning begins with throwing away the wrong way of thinking. If you already have a wrong idea, even if you just learn the correct way of thinking it will not be very effective. Because it reconstructs the correct idea that I learned to match the current misunderstanding. When teaching to people, please start by noting that the way of thinking is wrong, or by telling the fact that the way of thinking is wrong by instructing it first by telling the correct way of thinking.

◆ 5: There is only one thing to teach at one time

ByAdam Foster

Even if there are many things you want to teach, let's focus on one thing. When you notice the student's mistake, it is important to see clearly the wrong way of thinking. Also, it is important to avoid talks that are increasingly branching.

◆ 6: It is important to look for weak points

ByBen Raynal

In order to pay attention to the achievement of achievement, it may be realistic to dare to keep weak points from viewpoint. However, in order to develop more specialized knowledge, it is important for exercise to be vulnerable and pointed out.

Some of these six important things have a sore ears, but some of them have a dramatic change in their way of studying due to consciousness, and it should be helpful if you learn something new when learning something .

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