More than half of modern high school students own smart phones, the first time they have had an average of 13.9

ByShinichi Higashi

Nowadays, the number of mobile information terminals such as smartphones, mobile phones and tablets is even more than the total population even in Japan alone. Among them, the penetration rate of smartphones is 25% as of the first quarter of 2013, but the survey of recruit has revealed that the penetration rate reaches 55% only for high school students.

Survey on the actual condition of web site usage by high school students: Survey report: Recruit Student Research Institute

The survey was conducted on the Internet for 800 high school students nationwide from June 28, 2013 to July 1. As a result of the survey, the holding rate of smartphones was 14.9% in 2011 when the survey began, but it increased to 55.0%, 3.7 times in 2013. Meanwhile, the ownership rate of mobile phones (feature phones) that are not smartphones is 46.4%, and the share has been reversed for the first time. Total ownership of smartphones and mobile phones is over 101.4% and 100%, and it seems that some people have two cars.

For purposes of use, "Mail", "Phone · Chat", "Investigate · Information Collection", "Video Appreciation", "Participate in Community Site", etc. all show high numerical values ​​and are used in various ways of use You can see that.

Smartphones are consistently higher than PCs and mobile phones even when they are used in different scenes of the day, and it is not uncommon for people to say "they are touching smartphones almost all day."

In the use situation of SNS, "LINE" which was out of the range in 2012 has suddenly jumped to the 1st place (52.8%), and "twitter (50.4%)" and "Facebook (27.0%) are continued hereafter. Besides that, you can see the sudden drop of "mixi" (-25.5%).

For the purpose of using SNS, "communication tool with friends / acquaintances" and "information gathering" are included in the top, but "killing time" is bothered to the top in the same ratio.

Mobile phone carriers are focusing on expanding smartphones and it is expected that the ownership rate will continue to rise steadily in the future. However, as mentioned in the above survey, there are people in the "smartphone pickled" state, so it is a place I want to keep in mind that it is not only convenient.

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