Haagen-Dazs limited-time product Cookies "Cocoa Cookie & Coffee Almond" "Butter Cookie & Caramel Skirt" Tasting Review

On Monday, July 29, "Coffee milk"Haagen-Dazs launched" Cookies Cocoa Cookie & Coffee Almond "and" Cookies Butter Cookie & Caramel Skirt ", which will be a new work for 2 consecutive weeks on August 5 (Monday) for convenience stores only. Around the Obon festivalThis summer's hot weatherSo it was getting at a convenience store and trying to eat it.

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The package of Cookies looks something like this. The color of the lid frame and the design of the package are slightly different from the normal mini cup.

Cocoa Cookie & amp; Coffee Almonds are printed with illustrations with chocolate cookies on top of ice cream.

Chocolate cookie · coffee coaching · almond can be confirmed as raw materials.

The calorie is 293 kilocalories, which is slightly higher than the 267 kilocalories of vanilla in the Haagen Dazs mini cup.

When I take the lid black chocolate cookie is gissiri.

It looks like chocolate chip, but it is cookie.

The cookie which is a feature of the "Cookies" series is not a moist type, the texture is crisp. The flavor of coffee and almonds is not very strong, and the center of the taste is chocolate cookie and milk, but the regular product "Cookies & CreamIt is completely different from what you are.

Almond ice cream under chocolate cookie. The taste of almonds is thin and the taste of milk is central. It seems that almonds are powdered and mixed in ice, and there is no granular feeling at all.

Butter Cookie & amp; Caramel Skirt is printed on the ice with butter cookie and caramel sauce topped with illustration.

Raw materials can be confirmed butter cookie · caramel coaching · butterscut etc, milk fat content is 16.5% higher than 15% of Haagen Dazs mini cup vanilla.

Calories are 294 kilocalories and it is about the same as cocoa cookie & amp; coffee almonds.

Open the lid, you can check the caramel coaching to fill the butter cookie and its gaps.

Butter cookie can enjoy crisp texture like chocolate cookie. This butter cookie and caramel coaching make the taste very rich, and when you eat you should prepare coffee or tea.

Batter scarcity ice cream has a high milk fat content and is thick, and it is the top class dense among many ice creams.

Ice has plenty of caramel coaching. However, because there is not much bitterness, I also felt that there was not much sharpness.

All prices are 284 yen including tax. It is recommended for people who like rich gelato and rich ice cream thicker than shaved ice.

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