How to use the local SIM card to do the Internet without paying overseas

If you have a smartphone overseas, you will not inconvenience the Internet. The number of times you go to the net cafe will also decrease. Japanese mobile carriers also have plans to enable data communications overseas, but surprisingly expensive. Let's get the local SIM card here.Tethering, You can connect to the Internet via smartphone on PC as well.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis.Get an Android terminal "IDEOS" in KenyaSince then, I am connected to the Internet with a local SIM card. In Peru, a data plan of 10 MB that can be used one day is 1 sol (about 37 yen). I summarized absolutely great overseas mobile Internet this time.

◆ Japan carrier carrier overseas packet flat rate plan
NTT DoCoMo, au, SoftBank, Japan's major carriers are planning to have data communication on their own terminal even overseas. In common with the three companies "1980 yen to a certain capacity per day, 2980 yen more than that" is an explanation. NTT docomo says, "Since it will be 0.2 yen per packet, it will be 1980 yen at 990 KB, from which 1980 yen it is 1980 yen, after 200,000 packets it is 2980 yen."

Overseas Package · Houdai | Services · Features | NTT DoCoMo

Foreign double fixed amount (3G) │ Price · discount list │au

All overseas packet all you can: International service | SOFTBANK MOBILE

But this is too expensive. With KenyaAirtel's price planAll you can use for one day is 250 shillings (about 290 yen at the current rate).

With RwandaTigo's price planAll you can use for one day at 1000 francs (about 155 yen at the current rate)

The price difference is clear. We traveled to Kenya and Rwanda from October to November 2011, but the all-you-can-eat plan at that time is 50 shillings and 800 francs respectively. 3G lines are flying in some cities, so I was not troubled by the Internet.

◆ Local SIM card with internet
If you get a local SIM card abroad you do not have to spend a lot of money on data communication. In overseas, prepaid which can be used only for the amount paid is substantial, and even travelers can easily purchase. It requires a SIM-free terminal and does not recognize the SIM card if it is locked by standard like in Japan. Fortunately, my terminal works well in any country. However, it does not correspond to the 3G standard in the Americas, it is 2 G only ... .... In Africa, in order to finish the manuscript to be posted on GIGAZINE, I was uploading about 20 MB of image connected to the 3G line.

Although it is about two years "IDEOS", I am still working as a cheerleader.

◆ Preparation
· To grasp mobile carriers in visited countries
About 3 companies in any country are open. In Zambia, Vodacom, airatel, tigo, Zamtel, if it is Guatemala Claro, Movistar, Tigo, and so on. British capital Vodacom, France capital Orange, Indian capital airtel, South African capital MTN competed in African countries. In Central and South America, we often see Mexican Capital Claro, Spanish capital Movistar

· Compare each data communication plan
Since the data communication plan is changed as old information, it is certain to check on the official site. However, there are plans that are not on the official list written on overseas blogs, so it was difficult to purchase because it was actually available for purchase. Even though it is an unfamiliar foreign language, there are things that it is difficult to understand the information on the official website. There is no choice but to judge by checking the information. If it is a carrier with low market share, the antenna will not stand in the countryside. If you would like to work with a PC, you should have a career where 3G deployment is progressing.

· Know how to purchase data with APN
To purchase data communication, dial "* 611 #"USSD codeEither doing an operation from SMS or sending text like "1D" to a specific destination via SMS, mostly one of them. It is better to purchase a data plan as data communication without plan becomes expensive.APN (Access Point Name)Is like a provider in a mobile terminal, you can not connect to the Internet without going through here. It is rare that a mobile shop knows this, and it was safe for people to look it up in advance when the Internet is connected.

In Kenya's airtelGuide to the official siteThere is.

USSD code should be entered like this

◆ When entering the site
· Buy a SIM card
I wanted to get at the regular price, so I searched for the mobile carrier office as much as possible. Do not forget your passport as you are asked to present your identity card. In Africa, 100 yen in Japanese yen was a standard. Because South Africa has an exceptional figure of 10 yen, while in Mexico it costs more than 1000 yen, so do not be confused if you check information in advance.

Uganda purchased Uganda Telecom's SIM card at a mobile carrier store. 2000 Shilling (about 60 yen)

Since Uganda Telecom's condition was not good, I bought airtel's SIM card again at a mobile carrier store. Here also 2000 shillings (about 60 yen)

Rwanda purchased tigo's SIM card on the street. 550 francs (about 74 yen)

Zambia bought MTN's SIM card at a mobile carrier store. 5000 Quadcia (approx. 80 yen)

South Africa bought CELL C's SIM card with clothing chain PEP. 1 land (about 10 yen)

· Recharge
Scratch cards are mainstream in Africa, credits will be added if you enter the number you scraped out and send. I purchased scratch cards at shops, stalls etc. Convenient because you can recharge when you like, if you get more than one. In Latin America, I got my number on convenience stores and pharmacies and added credits. If there is no problem the message will arrive by SMS. In Peru, I am recharging in the way that my credit is transferred from my owner's cell phone to my terminal.

Kenya scratch card

• Configuring the APN
Enter the APN you were looking for in advance. First, tap "Settings" on the application list screen.

Tap "Wireless & networks"

Tap "Mobile network"

Tap "Access point name"

Tap "New APN"

This time I use Peru's "Claro", so enter "" on APN. The "name" column may be appropriate.

Turn on the check box and if there is no problem with the setting, data communication will be started.

· Purchase data plan
Let's purchase a data plan when it becomes possible to do data communication. Uganda's airtel was the type to buy a data plan with USSD code.

Select the period you want to use

Next, select the capacity you want to use

You are done.

Airtel of Malawi also purchases data plan with USSD code.

A message will be sent by SMS if it succeeds.

MTN of Zambia also purchased data plan with USSD code.

Select the period you want to use ......

Select the capacity you want to use.

In Botswana, MASCOM had prepared an unusual data plan of 10 plaques (about 120 yen) in one hour.

◆ In Peru (as of August 2013)
In the first big town Jaen found an inn with Wi-Fi, so we confirmed Peru's mobile situation using the Internet. The main careerMovistarWhenClaroComparing the price plans, the 1 solplane available for 1 day, which will be the most used, was the one for Claro, so I decided to purchase it.

Purchased a SIM card at a shop that was holding a sign of "Claro". Although it was not an official shop, I got it here because the SIM card was 8 sol (about 300 yen) and it was cheaper than other shops.

Attach SIM card to terminal

If there is no problem I will receive "Claro" radio waves

Display balance with "* 777 #"

I have 2 sol (about 75 yen) credits

Confirm the balance of data communication with "* 777 * 4 #"

Approximately 10 MB credit. However, this is not the balance of the data plan, it is the balance of data communication added at the time of recharge. The method of confirming the balance of the data plan is unknown.

Mark of rechargeable shop that you see in town

A message will be sent when recharge is completed. It is a recharge method to transfer the balance from mobile to mobile.

Recharging 5 sol (about 185 yen), there were several times that 10 MB of data communication was sent.

Claro in Peru buys a data plan with SMS. Send a message that APN is "" and "1d" is entered as the destination of "779". A data plan of 10 MB in one day is 1 sol (about 37 yen).

Upon completion, you will receive such a message.

"3d" is 3 sols (about 110 yen) with 50MB data plan in 3 days. If it is "5 d", 10 sol of 200 MB in 5 days, 35 sol of 700 MB in 10 days if it is "10 d", 35 sol of 1,5 GB in 15 days if it is "15 d", 3 sold in 30 days if it is "30 d" Set price such as 119 sol.

Posted on July 28 "Between the Ecuador and the Peru border We crossed the mountains of the Andes to avoid the robbery aimed at bicyclistsI tried to display an article saying.

When you run out of capacity or expire, the message of data plan termination will be sent.

When the balance of data communication and data plan runs out, credit is consumed without permission, so turn off data communication when there is no need.

Data communication is turned on when necessary.

◆ Colombia case (as of May 2013)
Get a SIM card at 2000 Pesos (about 105 yen) at Movistar directly managed store in the capital city Bogotá.

The recharge terminal that matched the pharmacy was wireless like a mobile phone.

Colombian Movistar purchases data plan with USSD code. At APN "", enter "* 611 #" to make a call.

Enter 2 of "Internet Prepago" and send

Enter 2 of "En ml telefono, modem o tablet" and send

Enter 1 for "Int.Extremo por $ 900 Hora (1 hour 900 Pesos)" and send it

Check again, enter 1 of "Comprar (purchase)" and send.

You are done.

SMS will be sent immediately. If it is 1 hour it costs 900 pesos (about 50 yen) at 50 MB and 200 pounds at 2900 pesos (about 155 yen) at one day.

◆ Mexico case (as of January 2013)
Beginning from the United States, I bought a SIM card at the telcel official shop in Hermosijo, the biggest city in the very first. Telcel is NTT DoCoMo in Japan, a big carrier in Mexico's mobile phone. It was an expensive pre-paid SIM card with 149 pesos (about 1220 yen).

Recharge often used convenience store "OXXO" which is anywhere in Mexico.

When recharging my memo and hand it over, the procedure is smooth. In Mexico I read alphabetical numbers by two digits each.

Recharge is completed and SMS is received.

30 pesos were recharged.

Mexican telcel will purchase data plan with SMS. APN is "". Send a message that entered "Bat 3" to the address "5050".

The data plan effective for 30 months and 1 month was 29 pesos (about 235 yen).

When Mexico also runs out of capacity, a message of data plan termination will be sent.

Official website of telcelAccording to the data plan, the validity period of the data plan is six types of 1 hour, 1 day, 2 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, and it seems that there are three sets was.

...... I do not know where "Bat 3" is, but I searched on posters in the city so I searched on the net "Nuevos planes de Telcel de Internet movil | PoderPDAThe page such as "caught" was caught.

◆ Tethering
In my own android terminal "IDEOS", tethering function which can use mobile communication line with attached PC was attached, so I was able to browse even in inn without Wi-Fi.

Tap "Settings" → "Wireless and network" → "tethering and portable access point" in order ...

Check "Portable Wi-Fi" ......

Tethering begins.

By tapping "Setting of portable Wi-Fi access point", you can change the network name.

"Chariderman" and protected with a password.

You can connect to the PC.

With PCArticle on 28th JulyLooking like this.

In countries where my stay is likely to be long, I will connect to the Internet with a local SIM card like this. In Rwanda, after visiting the Burundi Embassy it flashed, I found the location of the Tanzanian embassy using GPS and Google map, and I was able to apply for visa. Recently I checked the weather forecast on the Internet site and made plans.

It is absolutely advantageous to acquire a local SIM card if you want to do Internet overseas even with a mobile phone line. There is something I do not understand, but it's not difficult, so why not try it if you are interested.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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