Amazon's Jeff Bezos CEO acquires the Washington Post for about 25 billion yen

ByAdam Glanzman

Washington Post, one of America's leading daily newspapers, will be sold to Jeff Bezos, CEO of The price is 250 million dollars (about 24.58 billion yen), and management by the Graham family that has been on for 80 years will be over, but Bezos dismisses the employee just because he bought it And I do not plan to change the editors.

The above picture is about the news that the Washington Post has been sold on the electric bulletin board installed in front of the Washington Post headquarters.

Washington Post to be sold to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon - The Washington Post

This was announced by the Washington Post Company, and on Monday at the headquarters, Donald Graham President and Catherine Weymouth Owner explained to employees. Employees quietly accepted this decision, and some veterans leaked a strange thing. "Everyone in that place knew how much Don (President Donald) and Katherine loved the Washington Post, how much it was a hard decision," said columnist David Ignatius.

The prosperity of the Internet since the 1990s and the transition from "printed matter to digital" into a new era have brought a wave of competition to the media such as newspapers, and a series of companies that collapse, integrate and merge became one after another . In this situation the people of the Graham family were shocked, but by meeting with Mr. Bezos he said that "Washington Post can survive?" "Although this story does not necessarily lead to success, I thought that it would bring a big opportunity for success," Graham said.

In the Washington Post newspaper division, operating revenues have declined by 44% over the last six years and online also declined by 7% this year alone. But Bezos is optimistic about the future of the Washington Post. Even if the owner changes after preposition that "I do not want to tell you what plan I have," the value of the Washington Post is unchanged, and the page is for the reader, not for the owner I said,.

Actually, Mr. Graham and Mr. Bezos are old friends who have advised Mr. Graham about the ability to read newspapers at Kindle while Mr. Bezos is called Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal I am an avid reader of three papers. Therefore, even if the 80-year management by Graham family closed, it is said that two people think that confusion will not occur. As a company, Mr. Weinmouth, owner of the editor and Mr. Martin Baron of the editorial officer is to remain in the position as it is, and employees with 2000 will not be dismissed in taking over the management in taking over management. Mr. Bezos is still in his home in Seattle and he will leave work on the Washington Post to members so far.

Nonetheless, it is fact that Amazon has obtained its own news organization. Bezos says that it is important that Amazon's long-term strategy of "customer", "obsession", "willingness to invent" is important, but is this also applicable to the Washington Post ...?

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