If you hold the camera of the smartphone to the sky, you can see if it is raining around the place where you are now "Go Rain! Detector"

When it got into heavy rain, if it knows whether it is rainy season or not, I did not have to buy an umbrella unnecessarily ... Although it may be depressed, it is easy to use the convenient surrounding rain situation on such a rainy day An iOS application that can be checked is "Go Rain! Detector - X Band MP Radar -"is.

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First, download it on the App Store. Applications can be downloaded for free.

As a mechanism,X band MP (multi parameter) radarWe can observe the rain condition by catching the latest radar information with radio waves, observing 250 m square rain every minute.

I try to use it outdoors to actually determine how much rain condition can be checked. The weather in Osaka before departing is like this. Rain clouds are moving from southwest to northeast.

When launching the application, the camera also starts up at the same time. When you point the camera to the ground, it is possible to check the rain condition within 5 km around the current location. There is a place where it is not raining 5 km southwest, there is a strong rain area 5 km north, roughly agreeing with the weather condition examined earlier.

When you point the camera to the sky, rain situation overhead is displayed. It is raining less than 5 mm in the vicinity of the current location, and it is raining less than 10 mm in the left hand direction. If you check with this application you will know where rain clouds are, so it seems that you can act with avoiding rain if you use bad weather well.

One square represents 250 m square, it means that rain falls 0.1 to 1 mm around the current location, and it does not rain in the left hand direction.

The color coding of precipitation is as follows.

Attention is required to capture the sky firmly as accurate rainfall conditions can not be measured because the scale tilts because the camera does not recognize well when it points to an obstacle.

It also displays a map of a wide area, and it also has a function to predict the movement of rain clouds up to 1 hour ahead.

When I suddenly caught a shower I turned the camera to the ground, moved to a direction where it did not rain ......

It is likely to be useful in rainy days depending on how it is used, such as confirming the movement of the rain clouds in the area indoors before departure, or in conjunction with the weather forecast.

Although I felt some room for improvement, such as intense consumption of the battery and measurement accuracy of the camera, it is already practically usable level. In addition, the X band MP radar is under pilot experiments for countermeasures against heavy rain in recent years, it can expect improvement of the application depending on the operation situation in the future, it seems that there is no loss by downloading as an accompaniment on a rainy day.

Just by turning the smartphone to the sky Android application appeared on "Go Rain! Detector - X Band MP Radar -" where the rain cloud information in the surrounding area is known by one - tried it - GIGAZINE

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