I tried "Potato" produced by potato chips manufacturing know-how and non-fly technology for over 50 years

In light of the growing health consciousness, in order to solve the discontent such as high calorie and oil content which was a long-standing challenge for snacks, we have been developing lake ponds with more than 50 years of potato chip manufacturing know-how and Nissin Foods with non-fly technology A snack of feeling that "cooked by" is only 105 kcal ♪ "Potato"is.

Lake Ikebay x Nissin Foods changes common sense of potato chips! "Genuine" non-fried potato chips using delicious non-fried "poty noodles" raw potatoes

Potashin has two tastes, "tomato salad taste" and "rich consommé".

This is "Potato Tomato Salad Flavor". The package is white, red, green and Italian design.

Illustration of tomatoes and basil.

The combination of tomato and cheese is exactly Italian.

Poton's "Uri" is its low calorie, 105 kcal. "Even if you eat all at all, it's 105 kcal ♪" ... ...! Is it?

It seems to be "a new potato chips that does not fried raw in the oil". A collaboration effect with Nissin Foods appears around here.

Let's eat. Personal perfection.

The scent of tomato will emerge when you open it on the plate.

Each one is small potatoes in size, but there is food eating with a texture similar to thick potatoes. Taste the tomato perfectly when you put it in your mouth. It is a clear tomato flavor like tomato juice. Along with that, the basil has a good flavor, and in the end the taste of cheese spreads in your mouth. Tomatoes, basils, cheeses are well organized without fighting while exhibiting their individuality.

Following this, "rich consomme taste". A package that is more hideful than tomato salad taste.

Do you imagine consommé soup?

Chicken extract and onion extractPowdered soy sauceDisplay of. Is it a hidden taste?

I am shining brightly. After all, "Even if you eat all at all, it's 105 kcal ♪" ....

I also use raw stuff like raw. It is a consommé taste that firmly feels the taste of chicken and vegetables.

Let's eat. Personal perfection.

Serve in the plate. The fragrance of the consommé is gentle.

The red taste of the color is stronger than the tomato salad taste, it is consommé at first sight. The taste is exactly consommé soup. It is a firm taste that makes me think consommé of the so-called snack is a consommé of the dish which made a line of distinction. I will continue to eat steadily with polypori again with a solid texture.

Potayan is small in size, one at a time is very unsatisfactory so I will eat 4 and 5 at a stretch. Even from the fact that it is contained in a container like a cup noodle, it is recommended to eat the container with one hand and pour it into the mouth with "ざ っ". The hands will not get dirty and work will be easy. 105 ccal per cup is low calorie as snack confectionery and it is surprising that it is less than half that of "juggle" and "jugawby" which entered similar containers of cup. It is a collaboration of Lake Ikebaya and Nissin.

"Poton no" starts with a convenience store in the Kanto-Koushin'etsu area and Shizuoka prefecture from July 29 (Monday), and from September 2 (Monday) all channels from Shizuoka to Nakagyo area, October After 7th (Monday), the release in the area from Chukyo to West will be started. It seems that the actual price is about 150 yen at the open price.

Also, from July 17 (Wednesday) until July 29 (Monday), to 2000 people as "POTE Tanbaitai", one box (120 bags) of "Pote no Tan" sack (special package) The campaign to be gifted is being carried out.

Wanted recruitment of POTE 's Team members at the school / workplace! | Lake Ikebayashi Co., Ltd.

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