The Nendoroided Senjogahara Hitagiya, Yakuhinji Midnight Equestrian / False Story etc. Conclusion

As Nishio Ishin Animation ProjectBakemonogatari·False story·Cat story (black)·Wounded story, And now as the second season "Cat story (white)And after that all the story continues to decide animation, but as Wonder Festival 2013 [summer], as it was three-dimensional as ever, it got together what I noticed.

First of all, the story relation is staggered from the Good Smile Company

As Nendoroid series "Suruga Kambara" will be Nendoroid

"Senjogahara Hitagi" from the Nendoroid series, scheduled to be released on November 21, 2013, "Bakemonogatari" Premium Item BOX Included, Prototype Production is Utako Ikka, Production Cooperation Nendoron, Price is 5985 yen

"Araragi Firework Mercy", scheduled to be released in August 2013, 1/8 scale, prototype production is Hirokun Tokunaga, price is 11,800 yen

"Araragi Kizuki Fire", scheduled to be released in December 2013, 1/8 scale, prototype production Hiroshi (Sakura front), the price is 11,800 yen

Further sliding

From "Nendoroid series" "Yakuzenji Midnight", release time undecided, prototype production is Nanae, Production cooperation Nendoron, price unknown

A fake story premium figure "Shinobu Oshino" comes out as a reference exhibit also from the Sega Prize, and the prototype production is TIJI / Studio GS

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