Chicken, pork, beef "Garlic Meat Monster" Tasting Review with Three Patties and Garlic Inserted

As one of the countermeasures against summer weather, you may take foods that are said to have stamina such as eel and garlic. Burger King is releasing for a limited time from July 26, 2013 "Garlic Meat Monster (650 yen including tax)'Is chicken, pork, beef It is a stamina burger that is exactly fit for countermeasure against summer, with three patties and fried garlic put in between,Garlic double cheese (350 yen including tax)I actually went to eat together with it.

Come summer with two Stamina Burger! "Garlic Meat Monster" "Garlic Double Cheese"

Arrived at Burger King.

There was a poster appealing "Garlic Meat Monster" and "Garlic Double Cheese" at the shop front.

I got garlic double cheese as soon as I ordered at the cash register, and garlic meat monster takes about 4 ~ 5 minutes.

Garlic Meet Monster arrives in about 5 minutes. I think I can guess from the size, the left is garlic double cheese and the right is garlic meat monster.

Looking from the side, I think that you can understand the magnitude of the garlic meat monster with such a feeling like this.

The diameter of the garlic meat monster is almost the same as iPhone 5.

I will eat it from the garlic meat monster at once.

Three sheets Patty is also full volume looking.

When I opened the buns, I had two lettuce and tomato slices.

Under the tomato slice, check fried garlic, chicken, pork and beef 3 patties.

If you try to eat with one hand, the contents will likely be spilled, so hold firmly with both hands.

When eating a bite, the chicken said to have been baked with a quiet fire is very soft and outstandingly compatible with slightly sweet sautéed sauce. Pork and beef patties seem to be pushed a bit by chicken, but eating three patties at the same time is insanely juicy. Fried garlic is pretty good as it is a taste accents.

You can tell by eating, but there are places where fried garlic is close, so if you are scattered a bit more sparsely, it's better.

Next I will eat garlic double cheese.

Looking from the side it looks like a bacon double cheeseburger anywhere with such feeling.

Bacon and baked fried garlic baked crispy when opening the buns.

When opening the mouth widely and grubby it is felt that the fragrant fried garlic and beef patty are tangled with the pepper Caesar sauce that the black pepper is good, but the cheese makes the whole taste heavy a bit.

Garlic meat finished with both monster and garlic double cheese. Garlic was just right accent for both of them, and I finished eating without getting tired. Since garlic meat monster is full volume, it is recommended for those who want to have many stamina and stamina, and garlic double cheese is a hamburger that people want to eat stamina casually.

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