"Five gamble that can win absolutely" which released a game which is nearly 100% defeated among friends

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Janken playing with friends Playing games and gambling is almost entirely fortunate so you can have a fun and serious game. However, "There is a fight absolutely can not be defeated", in such a case it can easily be done using props such as glasses, and the way of winning which can win almost 100%10 gambling absolutely winning"Is published on YouTube.

10 new bets that you will always win - YouTube

The first thing introduced is to drop the core of the toilet paper from above and stand up.

The core of toilet paper does not stand when dropped from above.

But if you hold the toilet paper sideways and drop it from the side onto the desk ... ...

Strangely the core of the toilet paper bounces once and is standing upright.

"The direction of the arrow is changed without touching the paper" is a game.

This seed is really simple, and when bringing a glass filled with water in front of the arrow, the direction of the arrow is reversed.

Next is also wagering with glasses. Prepare three glasses and arrange glasses at both ends upside down. The rule is to move all three glasses upwards by moving the glass three times. However, there is a condition that two glasses must be moved at a time. And the important point for winning with this gambling is to show the procedure to the other person to show how easy it can be done before a friend can do it.

Turn over the two glasses on the left first.

Next, turn both ends upside down.

Finally complete by turning the two on the left.

When you have finished showing the procedure to a friend, say "Ok then then" and turn over the glass in the middle. It is a little cheaty way that it will be impossible to turn all the glasses upward with this, but this is an ant in this.

This time it is a very simple gambling to have an orange placed on the top of the glass that turned upside down.

When a friend puts Orange as shown below, the game is decided. Let's say, "It's not the top of the glass but the bottom part" with your good-looking face.

Next, arrange the glasses so that the triangles are drawn and say "to have three knives on the glass so that you can support another glass".

The correct answer is to overlay only the part of the blade of the two knives first ... ...

Set the remaining one in such a way as to support the two as shown in the figure below.

Even if you put a glass on this, it will not fall.

The last absolutely wagering games using glasses is to sort six glasses and put some liquid in either of the left and right. Move the glass only once to a friend, and have the glass rows replaced so that liquid ali and pear alternate.

The seed of this gambler is just the second glass from the right in the second glass from the left.

I was able to change the order of the glass with just one hand.

Next is a gambling with a hand, and have her arms folded as shown below.

Rotate the combined hands in the direction of your body ... ...

It will be OK if it becomes as follows.

Afterward, I only have my fingers moved.

Friends probably will not be able to move the fingers pointed at the first time.

The next thing is to keep the answer at 1240 even if you shuffle two columns of 318 + 303 + 300 + 104 + 215 = 1240 written on paper.

At first glance it seems impossible, but folding the paper as shown below ......

His calculation is 318 + 707 + 215 = 1240 and cleared.

This time, a friend of over 175 centimeters gets a heel to standing against the wall.

The way whether friends can pick up things in front of me.

Even if a friend wants to take things, he can never take it with the position that heel sticks to the wall.

In the last gamble to introduce, prepare funnels, coins, water.

Put the funnel inside my friend's pants ......

Have the coin pointing straight up and drop the coins on top of the nose into a good thing funnel.

Let's put water in the funnel while the friend is about to drop the coin into the funnel.

Friends are sure to be surprised.

In this way you can win the bet, but it is expected that your friends will be beaten up, so when you are here the first time you should apologize to your friends in mind while using them.

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