Stylish electric fan even without feathers "Slim fan" Movie & Photo Review

It can suppress pollen and tick allele substances, and it has a deodorizing effect and can show various effectsNanoeFans that can give out "Slim fan F - S1 XJ"is. With a slim aluminum body and a body without feathers, it looks like a fan that looks like a fan at all.

Slim Fan | Panasonic

◆ Photo review
I entered this cardboard box and a slim fan was sent.

This is a slim fan that came out from inside. It is a design that I want to doubt whether the wind really comes out.

The back is such a feeling like this in particular with a simple design.

The height of the main body is about 96 cm, the portion of the silver that gives up the wind is 7 cm in diameter, the black portion of the base is 18 cm in diameter.

You can do this with the operation panel about the main unit. The button is a swing button from the left, air volume adjustment button, power button.

The air intake part at the bottom of the main unit can be slid and removed.

There is a filter inside.

With the filter part removed, you can see the other side of the body with this feeling.

Incorporating the wind from the intake port at the bottom of the main unit ......

It seems that wind comes out from here, but what kind of feeling does it work with?

I found the plugged part of the power adapter near the air intake port so connect with the adapter immediately ......

Ready to start OK.

Power ON!

A slim fan started to move with the sound "Co".

So, the movie of what will happen if you actually move is from the following.

I started slim fan F-S1XJ - YouTube

The top of the slim fan looks a bit like this with such feeling ... ...

You can put the attached remote control here.

It is like this when you get on.

Operation of the main unit is also possible with this remote control.

If you operate the Slim Fan with the remote control, you can see what it feels like by watching the following movie.

I tried swinging slim fan F-S1XJ by remote control - YouTube

The slim fan was capable of swinging to the right and left 90 degrees.

Furthermore, according to the official page, "It's a gentle and fluctuating wind delivered only to you", so I tried to experience how much wind the wind volume 1 is producing.

Air volume 1 of slim fan F - S1 XJ is very friendly wind - YouTube

Wind volume 1 is about 30 cm Wind power is weakened so as not to know whether the wind is coming out when leaving the slim fan.

Air volume 1 is too much too easy, so the air volume is maximum!

Maximum airflow of slim fan F - S1 XJ reaches firmly up to 1.5 m - YouTube

I have used slim fans like ordinary fans, but I can understand what is going on with this blowing mechanism by looking at the following movie.

Slim Fan F - S1 XJ Introduction VTR - YouTube

If you use at maximum air volume you can feel the wind even if it is more than 1 meter away. However, the more winded, the wider the wind spreads to the left and the weaker the wind power.

This slim fan F - S1 XJ can be purchased at Amazon with 25,290 yen including tax. Although it feels quite expensive if only a fan is this price, it is surprisingly antial price setting as it looks nice and it can be used even in a small space. However, as you can see, the air volume is weak, so if you want to blow cool with a strong wind, it is not suitable, ordinary fans are better. Panasonic Slim Fan Silver F-S1XJ-S: Home & amp; Kitchen

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