Practical 10 life hacks that can solve unique summer problems

Hot summer has come this yearPeople who are tired of summer in JapanAs I think, the Japan Weather AssociationIt is hot and hot in the summer of 2013, for late autumn's visitWe have announced the forecast that it will become, and it seems that the summer is still long. It's such a hot day.summerA movie that teaches a practical life hack that can be used for "10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer!"is.

10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer! - YouTube

◆ 01: How to drink cold drinks
Drinks of plastic bottles in summer ... ...

It is not something that I soon became lukewarm drinkable.

If you want to drink a cold drink, put this water in a plastic bottle.

The amount is such that water does not reach the drinking mouth of a plastic bottle when it is brought down sideways.

Then go to the freezer while defeating it.

When the water freezes it is like this ... ...

If you put a drink into a plastic bottle, you can drink a cold drink quickly.

Because it is frozen in the horizontal place, you can cool the drink evenly.

◆ 02: How to protect your valuables at the beach
Speaking of summer is the sea after all, but in the sea we only wear swimsuits, so management of valuables is rather troublesome.

In such a case you can successfully manage valuables by using a shampoo bottle.

Remove the lid ... ....

Cut the upper part of the bottle about half like this.

Then you can hide your valuables inside.

I do not think anyone has valuable items inside by closing the lid. In the movie I use a shampoo bottle, but if I use sunscreen bottle or something, it will be even more camouflage.

◆ 03: How to intelligently prepare sauces and ingredients that will be accompanied by hot dogs
Speaking of summer is a barbecue! Speaking of barbecue, hot dogs!

I'd like to make various ingredients and sauces for hot dogs, but if you prepare such as a barbecue so much at the desk, you will not be able to put anything else.

I use muffin bread to make muffins.

If you fill this with sauces and ingredients, you can enjoy various seasoned hot dogs without taking up desk space.

◆ 04: How to eat ice well in the summer
When I eat ice cream in the summer ......

Ice melted and hands grew. There are many people who have done such experiences.

In such a case you can eat without dirtying your hands with a small paper cup.

With a knife at the bottom of the cup ......

Open a small hole. The size of the hole is just as big as an ice stick.

Put an ice stick in this hole ......

OK if you take the bag, you can eat ice smartly without smearing your hands.

When the paper cup is too large, I use a container to divide the side dish for lunch box, so it seems to be easier to eat ice with this.

◆ 05: How to protect food ingredients from fruit fly
When it gets warmer in the summer, fruit fly fruit occurs. To manage somehow

When disinfecting this, prepare a small amount of banana or mango peel.

Put this in a small container ...

I will cover with lap.

In the middle of the rap, open a hole a little bigger than fruit fly with chopsticks ......

I will leave it in a place where fruit fly is tasteful.

After a while you capture so much fruit fly.

If you do lid and then cover it is ok.

◆ 06: How to eat snacks well
When eating snacks you can eat the bag like this with such feeling, but in this case you have to thrust your hand, it is not suitable for eating by multiple people.

In such a case I would like to do bags like this OK.

For folding, open one of the bags first and fold in a little ... ...

I will push the opposite mouth inside.

Then snacks come out from the mouth of the person who opened the bag, so it will be easy to eat.

◆ 07: How to remove ants
A large amount of ants may be generated suddenly due to leaving behind.

In such a case you can disinfect using popcorn beans.

Put beans in the mixer ......

Make it powder.

If you put this in a place where ants are occurring a lot ... ...

Ali are dissipating.

◆ 08: How to eat well mango
Speaking of mango, fruits with the image of summer. When eating this mango, eating easiness changes dramatically with one way of cutting.

If you want to eat mango well, turn mango vertically into three equal parts ......

Put a cut in a grid.

Hold it in your hand and push the skin forward ......


It is also fun to look, easier to eat than anything else.

◆ 09: How to drink canned juice successfully with a straw
When trying to drink can juice with a straw ......

Straws are too light and come up to instability.

In such a case, pull the can pull tab forward to ... ...

I will put a straw here.

That way you can secure the straw firmly and drink canned juice.

◆ 10: How to eat a hamburger well
And life hack about hamburgers.

When eating a big hamburger, it is not a very good way to have it with eating it normally.

Good to eat it upside down of the hamburger if you eat it well.

Because the buns used for most hamburgers are bigger on top.

By eating upside down, it seems to be impossible to eat just the underlying buns successfully ... ....

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