97-year-old grandpa drawing with Windows 95 'paint'

There are artists in the world who draw

illustrations of perfection that can not be thought of using the 'paint' that comes with Windows from the beginning , and some of them are landscape paintings that took 500 hours, but in 2013 98 HAL LASKO, who is aging, is one of them, and since he started his career in his 80s, he is still drawing pointillism and abstract paintings, and a documentary movie that follows LASKO's appearance has been released. I am.

The Pixel Painter-Digital Artist, Digital Paintings

LASKO's work can be seen from the following movie.

The Pixel Painter on Vimeo

This is HAL LASKO. Known as Grandpa (Grandpa). Born in Ohio on July 28, 1915, he is about to turn 98 years old.

The tool that LASKO uses when drawing pictures is the software 'Paint' that comes with Windows 95

Head to the screen with a serious look.

LASKO draws a variety of paintings, from pointillism to abstract paintings.

If you look closely at this abstract picture, the dot feeling remains firmly.

House in the snow.


The following is the title 'Thriller'.

If you look closely, you can see how people are forming a line.

Space highway

House on the hill

Luminous fish

Avon trees

Looking up ...


The trees that turn red are also delicately expressed.

LASKO experienced World War II and earned a living as a typographer at

General Tire and Goodyear Tires.

I designed the characters used for advertising like this and worked until I retired in the 1970s. LASKO didn't show an artistic side at work, but at home he worked on painting until late at night and painted various things.

LASKO says she was able to devote her time to her thirst for art only after she retired.

And at the end of the 90's, when his grandson RYAN showed him Microsoft Paint with features such as spray paint, LASKO was fascinated by Microsoft Paint and his talent blossomed. LASKO started drawing most of his paintings in Microsoft Paint, but no one in the family sees how important this software will be to him until he loses some of his vision due

to macular degeneration in 2005. He didn't notice it.

LASKO is looking at one of the early paintings.

He lost his eyesight and couldn't see the parts he was drawing. Furthermore, since that time, LASKO has also had poor hearing.

But despite these obstacles, he still wakes up every morning and continues to be inspired by his creations. Below is a picture of Mr. LASKO who went somewhere.

What the hell are you doing? I went to the store and had the picture printed out. I also call the clerk by name.

A solo exhibition is also held.

Visitors will be fascinated by the delicate pictures drawn in pixels.

LASKO has her family celebrate her 97th birthday.

LASKO laughed and answered the question, 'Do you think you are drawing a lot of pictures?' He lost his wife two years ago, but according to his son, RON, LASKO did not talk about his wife at that time and never complained about aging or aging. His career as an artist started late at the age of 80, but he is still energetically creating.

The pictures are actually

sold on the website.

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